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Now a days it is being seen that the corona is beginning to take frightful form every day, due to which everyone is living in fear and we all are going through terrible stress.

More and more people are not dying of disease itself, but due to unmanageable stress of the pertaining situations. We are suffering from the stress and anxiety due to abnormal situation of lock down.

In such situation, mental and emotional health has paramount importance for our overall health and immunity.

Now a days most of us take part in some kind of activity to be physically healthy – like going to gym, walking, swimming or playing in the field etc. Similarly, to maintain mental and emotional health of all of us, some activities should also be included ………….

There is usually a misconception that having no mental health disorder means that the person is mentally and emotionally healthy. Experts say that not only depression, anxiety, or other disorder, does not necessarily mean that the person is mentally or emotionally healthy. Come find out what are the signs of being mentally healthy of a person..

Why invest in our emotional health?

Managing emotions and maintaining emotional balance is an important skill.

Lack of emotion regulation skills can lead to poor health, relationship difficulties, and mental health problems. Staying mentally and emotionally healthy helps us to face challenges, stresses and failures and also boost our immunity.

It prepares us to do more tasks in daily life. A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy is able to make eye contact with himself and with others, is also more equipped to face the challenges that life brings.

Bengaluru-based counsellor Maulika Sharma says that “we have to face challenges, and we have to deal with people and things we don’t like. We try to control our situations when we only do things around us. We can control our interpretation. The more we are able to accept the challenges, the more mentally and emotionally healthy we can become “.

Take care of your mental well-being. The idea of ​​taking care of your mental well-being can seem vague, complex or challenging. However, experts say that you can take care of your mental well-being by incorporating some simple daily activities into your routine, or making some minor changes in your lifestyle. Here are some ways you can start:

1. Take care of your physical health :

Physical health plays an important role in ensuring that you are mentally healthy. By eating well, getting enough rest and exercise, and actively taking care of physical health, you can stay healthy.

Fresh nutrient rich food helps the body to cope with daily stress. Foods rich in vitamin B-12 and omega 3 fatty acids keep the levels of mood regulating chemicals high in the brain.

It is also important to get adequate rest; The body fixes its daily wear and tear while we are sleeping. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired, stressed and sick. Adequate exercise also improves appetite, and helps you get enough sleep which is important for your mental well-being.

2. Exercise and get some fresh air :

In the morning, we should enjoy a morning walk in the nearby parks and get fresh air and exercise . We know that the Sunlight increases serotonin production in the brain – a chemical that regulates mood. Staying in sunlight daily helps in avoiding depression..

Physical activity is also beneficial for the brain. Exercise increases energy, reduces stress and mental fatigue. Find an activity that you enjoy so that this process can be exciting for you.

3. Take care of yourself :

Taking care of yourself is an essential part of mental and emotional well-being. Expressing your feelings in a constructive way makes it easier to face stress and conflict. Set aside time for yourself; Look at your emotional needs, read good book, satisfy yourself, or just relax and be free without worrying about your daily tasks.

Separate your gadgets and pay attention to what is happening around you while becoming more conscious. “Being more conscious means being in the present without thinking too much about the past or the future; choose who you want to respond to, rather than drifting away with whatever appears to be in your mind or experience. ;

Focusing one place at a time, while remaining unconcerned, have an attitude of impermanence towards things and situations. It helps to be open to experiences and not to be overly influenced. ” Says Dr. M. Manjula, Additional Professor of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS.

4. Stay close to people with whom you enjoy :

Spending time with people you love and whom you get along with, brings a feeling of being valued and appreciated. Having healthy relationships with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours will help you in emotional health

Plan to have lunch with a colleague or spend some time with an unseen friend. It is true that,  no technology can replace a smile or a hug to a beloved.

5. Engage in a hobby, or a new activity :

Participating in activities that make you happy, helps you stay busy and happy. It keeps your mind busy and can help express your feelings, especially the one you find difficult to share with others. Hobbies can help relieve your stress and increase self-esteem.

Trying out new activities, helps keep the perspective fresh, and keeps you busy taking steps outside your comfort zone. The learning process helps to change patterns of thinking as you focus on new skills. Picking a new skill is a challenge for you, your concentration level increases, and you love learning something new. It also boosts your confidence in you being able to face new situations, new challenges and new people.

6. Handle stress :

We all have certain people or events that cause stress. Identify these reasons, retry the evaluation of those situations to reinterpret them. In some situations you can try to stay away from stress-causing situations, but this is not always effective or possible.

Sometimes, stress can also be caused by a lack of strategies to handle certain situations or life events. This is why it is a necessity to learn skills to address your stress.

“If you know that exams increase stress, then you should learn how to keep the exam in perspective so that it does not become an event that defines your life, because the exam is something that will be faced.

In some cases, Stress-causing situations can be avoided, but you need to be able to differentiate which situations can and cannot be avoided. Make strategies to manage your stress so that you can take better care of yourself including trusting, reinterpretations of your situation, meditation, walking, listening to music, exercising, etc.,

7. Accept Yourself and Have Faith :

It is the fact that, We are all different, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Identifying and acknowledging your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses gives you the courage to believe in yourself and the strength to move forward.

Each one has weaknesses, and you also have;

You can choose to change the weaknesses that you do not like or to accept the weaknesses you can live with. But accepting that you have some weaknesses like everyone else does .

That it is okay that you are less than perfect is an important component of your mental and emotional well-being. Set realistic goals. Try to know your abilities and create boundaries accordingly.

Prioritize and learn to say ‘no’ when overwhelmed. Know that you are fine and you able to do that …

8. Count your blessings :

This may sound like a cliché, it is true that when you are grateful for what you have, your attention shifts from what you do not have. Studies show that when you are grateful for what you have, it helps you stay optimistic about the future and boosts your mental health. Keep a thank you journal.

Before going to sleep every night, write what you are thankful for that day. If you allow yourself to be grateful and count blessings, you will realize that there is no day when you have not been thankful to someone, no matter what the circumstances.

9. Express Yourself :

Many times, we are shy in expressing negative feelings , about what we are feeling, and expressing what we like or don’t like reduces the congestion of our mind. Suppressing our emotions is a coping strategy for many of us, yet it can be harmful.

Research suggests that suppressing emotions can actually make emotions stronger. This can cause more stress. Displacement of emotion can occur on something trivial or unrelated. Emotion suppression can cause depression or anxiety disorders.

Even emotions like anger and sadness are worthy of expression. All we need to know is how to express so that it does not wreak havoc on us, our relationships and the environment. No emotion is good or bad by itself.

Every emotion is important and necessary. The intensity of the experience, and how it was expressed (too much or too little), the justification of the expression, and the frequency of the emotion, make it healthy or unhealthy”says Dr. Manjula.

10 Call for help when you feel underwhelmed :

There is no one on the whole earth whose life is independent of stress, anxiety or bad mood. When you feel sad, challenged, frustrated, confused, angry, or just nervous and unable to cope, talk to someone you can trust – spouse, friend, parent, sibling, or relative if It is possible.

If you feel that more support is needed, go to a physician or counselor. The sooner you arrive, the better.

Remember that there is no shame in asking for help – it is a sign of great strength, not weakness, as it often is. You do not have to face the challenges of life alone. Flexible people use the available support systems to take care of themselves…

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