# Our Mental and Emotional health #

Feelings are important in our life as they come from heart,
If you respond back, they grow…
If you ignore they die…and
If you respect they stay forever …
Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive….



Now a days it is being seen that the corona is beginning to take frightful form every day, due to which everyone is living in fearand we all are going through terrible stress.

More and more people are not dying of disease itself, but due to unmanageable stress of the pertaining situations. We are suffering from the stress and anxiety due to abnormal situation of lock down.

In such situation, mental and emotional health has paramount importance for our overall health and immunity.

Now a days most of us take part in some kind of activity to be physically healthy – like going to gym, walking, swimming or playing in the field etc. Similarly, to maintain mental and emotional health of all of us, some activities should also be included ………….

There is usually a misconception that having no mental health disorder means that the person is mentally and…

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