# Golden Rules for Senior Citizen #

There are 12 Golden Rules for Senior Citizens,

To make  life comfortable and easy for Self  and others !( Every one can have their own rules depending upon their  perceptions!)

1.  Enjoy the life as it comes.

Never Complaint or Criticize. The tendency to be critical, impatient, finding fault  develop as age advances. Develop a conscious mind to over come it and avoid them.

Accept things as they are and never compare your way of doing things with what others do. Deficiency in Service lies every where and you are not the only one get affected..

Instead of reacting , which may only affects our health , respond to the situation by following the remedies given in the system to set it right. Complaining and grousing against the system only spoils our peace of mind and health.

2.  For daily routine, evolve a System and follow.:

Have a simple plan. Keep a note of things to be done , as age advances we tend to forget .

3. Do not try to change Others or System unnecessarily.

Accept it and move on. If people, who are close, fail to pick up good things,  your experience or seek good advice from you , the loss is not yours.

4.  Do not over react to political , religious , language and cultural views of friends and relatives.

It is difficult to make others accept your views. Result in most cases would be, loss of goodwill and friendship with no fruitful result.

5.  Appreciate and recognize others help,:

Be helpful to others and be kind to those who help us. When people around you are busy preparing them for their fast life, help them in a small way or don’t obstruct them using their space or time.

As age advances your  hand grip tend to fail at times. Avoid  holding glasses, hot vessels, heavy items  etc during rush hours or always.

6. Invest in your health and take care of your spouse health too :

. Follow good healthy habits in eating and exercising. Prepare and train your spouse to be independent, when need arises. Ensure that the regular medicines that you and your spouse are replenished at least 10/7 days in advance, to avoid last minute troubles.

7.  Laugh and smile bring positive energy.

Have fun with children as one can derive energy by simply watching them play. Spend time with friend, like minded people and youngsters with out creating nuisance or disturbing them.

8. Don’t act in haste , especially while doing Online Transaction like Net Banking, Mobile Banking :

We tend to accept or press a wrong command with out reading full or knowing the implication. As online frauds are on the increase , do not click unknown link , share your credentials are lured by fake offers and prizes..

9. Beware of fraudsters and keep a safe distance from unknown people :.

In the guise of asking address any one can cause injury or attack. While drawing money from ATM or Bank, have risk awareness and be wary of possible threats  and avoid going alone late night in risk prone places.

10.  A major threat to Senior Citizens is falling down  resulting in serious injury and prolonged illness.

Be careful while walking in wet or shiny surface, bathrooms and  in attending midnight calls.(  While wake up, make a practice to sit on the bed few minutes, before rising)

.Also avoid  padlocking bathroom doors, if it cannot be opened from outside easily. Especially in Train journeys it is important and if required you can ask your companion to stand aside the door to prevent people from entering)

11. While going outside it is preferable to carry a small shoulder bag, :

The shoulder bag containing your mobile, purse, your id card and contact number card. It essential to prepare your own contact card ( preferably laminated, at least two-  one for you and  other for your spouse) containing important numbers to be contacted in emergency.

It can contain additional information about your blood group and spouse. Visiting cards of persons known to you closely, can also be carried.

When Senior Citizens live alone, it is better to display prominently in a visible place, important contact numbers in bold letter. This may be helpful in case of emergency.

12. Remove all old unnecessary records, matured/lapsed policies Certificates etc :

All unnecessary records must be removed and if necessary keep them in a separate file , mentioning as old records. This may help your next of kin to handle things smoothly after your period.

Finally when the time to say good bye do it with grace and bit adieu, leaving  pleasant memories for others to think about..


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