# Social Media : A Great Concern #

It has been a  great concern that we  are spending too much time  on  smartphone for social media interaction that is causing havoc in our life .

Yes, that  is responsible for spike in anxiety , depression and other mental health problems in all age group, specially in teenager now a days.

The W.H.O. has viewed that infant under a year should not be exposed to electronic radiation at all and the children of  age between 2 to 4 should not have more than an hour of sedentary screen time each day. .

It is very difficult to keep our children away from the mobile and that is leading to many problems like rising rate of anxiety and sleep deprivation among teenagers.

Children who are on their phone too much can miss out other valuable activity i.e. their physical activity, social activity and spiritual activity.

The other implications are as  like:

  1. internet addiction :Excess time consumed on internet lead to addiction and affect mental health, interpersonal relations, family and social problems.
  2. sleep deprivation ; It can cause obesity , depression & poor performance in study and intelligence degradation.
  3. Digital Footprint: It refer to the online data left behind by user in electronic media cannot be removed and can lead to long term implication if inappropriate information is shared. Likewise pornography and sexting is generally created harmful effect in the adolescents age group. 

Are you one of them who use social media extensively, then you are doing it all wrong..

Although there are many positive aspects of social media for adolescents and young adults when used in education, health related information, developing social connections etc,

But too much usage of social medias  making you addicted  and  can put you at the risk of various diseases along with loneliness and depression.

Due to depression, you may find it difficult to carry out your real life activities. It will lower your productivity and rob your  peace of mind..


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    The importance of Good people in our Life is just like
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    It is not visible but silently supports our Life..


  2. Cute lil’ baby.. ♥️ Great tips!

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  3. Thank you very much..
    Stay connected and stay happy..


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