# Golden Rules for Senior Citizen #

Be Patient.
Everything comes to you in the right moment…


There are 12 Golden Rules for Senior Citizens,

To make life comfortable and easy for Self and others !( Every one can have their own rules depending upon their perceptions!)

1. Enjoy the life as it comes.

Never Complaint or Criticize. The tendency to be critical, impatient, finding fault develop as age advances. Develop a conscious mind to over come it and avoid them.

Accept things as they are and never compare your way of doing things with what others do. Deficiency in Service lies every where and you are not the only one get affected..

Instead of reacting , which may only affects our health , respond to the situation by following the remedies given in the system to set it right. Complaining and grousing against the system only spoils our peace of mind and health.

2. For daily routine, evolve a System and follow.:

Have a simple…

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