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I love traveling and like to see new places in and around India as well as overseas. In the month of Oct 2019, I got an opportunity to visit Vishakhapatnam, which is called the City of Destiny with my family, especially my Granddaughter.

Vizag is the capital of Andhra Pradesh dotted with several sea beaches, hence it is called the Jewel of the East Coast. I had only three days to see the different places there. So,  First I decided to visit  Rishikanda beach, which was a lovely place and I was surprised to see the cleanliness and maintenance.

I got the feeling of Goa Beach. People had a couple of activities to explore like Speed boats, Jet ski rides, and kayaking,. As this was my first experience visiting Vizag, it was AWESOME. The soothing blowing of the wind and some fishermen getting ready to go into the ocean for fishing, the scene was awesome.

After spending some time at the beach, we moved to a nearby park called KAILASHGIRI which is on the hill station, KAILASHGIRI has a huge statue of Siva-Parvathi. It had a rope-way and toy train facility to see the beautiful view. After reaching there, we saw two amazing scenes,

. On one side was the endless ocean and another side was the beautiful Vizag city. The time was 5.40 pm when enjoyed riding the train and from there we saw a beautiful view of the city.

The next spot was Yarada Beach: this beach was 22 km from my hotel in Vizag city. On the morning of the second day, I hired a taxi which took around 40 minutes to reach Yarada Beach. Really that was a lovely beach, neat and clean, well maintained, and surrounded by hills (Eastern Ghats Range) making the place most beautiful.

I also enjoyed watching Paragliding’s adventurous events here. 

Dolphins Nose was also a wonderful spot also known as Light House near Yarada beach. This hill is in the shape of a dolphin.  Climbing up in the light house through quite narrow stairs with too much crowd became this adventurous at the height of 178 meters. we had a view of full greenery all around the beautiful beach.

I also got the opportunity to visit INS Kurusura Submarine Museum and saw the inside of a submarine that is out of service.

A submarine with suitable modifications has been kept on the beach road for visit by the general public.

I was thrilled to see practically the function of the submarine with an explanation from the authorities present there.

The aircraft museum is also located opposite to the submarine museum. This place had a well-guided tour,.  The TU142  aircraft gave a view of the inside of the aircraft with its original settings.I was thrilled to see the inside of the actual aircraft which was also very informative.

On the next day  it was scheduled to visit Araku Valley (situated at the height of 3000 ft above sea level) by car covering a distance of 112 km from my hotel,

After getting up early in the morning we started our journey and experienced the beautiful scenic views on both sides of the road before reaching Araku valley,.

Really it was a most memorable trip  I  also visited Padmapuram Garden, Tribal Museum, and Coffee museum. And there is  Borra caves which were very beautiful and amazing.

I enjoyed very much this super place. We also enjoyed special food  like world-famous bamboo chicken and  boiled sweet corn

  I think everyone should visit this beautiful place time and again. 


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  1. Excellent writing…
    It will help those who wish to visit these place.
    Thank you


  2. Visited there in 2008.Ur description is unique

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  3. yes, dear ,,that place is beautiful ,planning to visit again..


  4. Very well described. I had the opportunity of visiting Vishakapatnam in June-July 2015 on official duty for auditing our bank’s branch and saw most of the places of tourist interests described by you in this blog. I also visited the famous Borra caves which is one of the largest caves in India and a must visit tourist place about 90 km from Vizag. Didn’t you go there??

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