# In the Realm of Memories #

Today, after a long time, I was flipping through the pages of my old dairy, the memories of Vizag visit were refreshed after reading the details of visit in my diary..
Yes, I was just refreshing old memories by looking at photographs of some small waterfalls, sea beach and natural beauty in the surrounding areas of Vizag captured in my phone. Vizag is also called as city of destiny.

I still remember the day, when I had a plan to visit Araku valley, which is around 3000 ft above sea level.
After getting up early in the morning, my family and I started our journey from hotel at Vizag. Araku valley is about 3-hour drive by car. We enjoyed the drive which led us through thick forest of the eastern Ghats mountain range. We could feel the chills of zig zag curves on the road.

After reaching there, we visited many beautiful places and enjoyed a lot. I would like to share details about few of the places.

Bora Caves

It is a hill station and tourist hotspot. We had the opportunity to visit Bora caves, which is considered as one of the India’s largest and deepest cave. It features a variety of cave formations ranging in different shape and size .

Araku Waterfall

We also visited Araku waterfall. It requires a small amount of hard work in form of 15-minutes trekking to get there. Really, that was a beautiful place to visit .

Tribal Museum

We visited tribal museum which is one of the popular stops as this place has been created to make people aware of the Araku Valley’s lifestyle and culture by taking through its historical past. We enjoyed a lot at this fantastic place.

Bongulo Chicken.

It was midday and we were feeling hungry. We had heard about the famous Chicken dish, called Bongulo Chicken. Every tourist who comes here definitely enjoys its taste. We found an ideal place to taste the best Bongulo Chickenm the famous dish of Araku. It is prepared with a unique cooking method which was amazing to hear about.

Botanical Garden

Our next destination was Padmpuram Botanical Garden. This is the most significance part of Araku Valley’s historical value. We witnessed so many rare flowers and trees in the Botanical Garden. It is said that during world war-II , this was the place from where the soldier got their vegetables supplies.

However, the area was later turned into fully fledged botanical garden that featured beautiful tree huts, statue with greenery all around.

A toy train service was available there. We sat in the toy train and enjoyed the view of the entire Botanic Garden.

Really, it was one of the most memorable trip. I enjoyed very much this super place. We also enjoyed special and tasty food like famous Bamboo chicken and boiled sweet corn.

I think everyone should visit this beautiful place time and again.

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  1. Sweet memory. Nice information.

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  2. Good memories! Beautiful pics!!

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  3. These are the days worth noting. Thanks for sharing the joy. 🌟✨💫

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  4. Nice travelogoe. I visited Visakhapatnam while auditing our bank branch in June-July 2015. I found Vizag beautiful and very clean city. Apart from the city tour and going inside the submarine, I also had the opportunity of visiting Bora caves but didn’t have the time to visit Aaraku valley. Will make a plan to visit Aaraku valley after reading your blog.

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    Caring is a gift that no one can buy.
    It is made up of Love that roots in our Hearts,
    and creates memories not just for a while
    but for a LIFETIME…


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