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Welcome to the morning with a smile on your face ,
Love in your heart, Good thought in your mind,
and you will have a wonderful day..


I love travelling and like to see new places in and around India as well as an overseas. In the month of Oct, 2019, I got an opportunity to visit Vishakhapatnam, which is called the City of Destiny with my family specially with my Granddaughter.

Vizag is the capital of Andhra Pradesh dotted with several sea beaches, hence it is called Jewel of East Coast. I had only three days to see the different places there. So, First I decided to visit Rishikanda beach, which was a lovely place and I was surprised to see the cleanliness and maintenance.

I got the feeling of Goa Beach. People had couple of activities to explore like Speed boat, Jet ski rides and kayaking,. As this was my first experience to visit Vizag , it was AWESOME. Soothing blowing of wind, some fishermen getting ready to go into the ocean for…

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