#Life is a miracle#

Dear friends,
Please experience the uplifting and motivational power of “Miracle of Life.

Yes, this poetic journey celebrates the profound wonder and beauty of existence. This inspiring poem reminds us that life itself is a miraculous gift, filled with endless possibilities and remarkable mysteries.

It encourages us to embrace the resilience, growth, and connections that define our human experience. Through its eloquent verses, the poem invites us to cherish the moments, seek our passions, and recognize the extraordinary nature of our own being.

Please, delve into the enchanting tapestry of your life and be inspired to embrace your own unique journey with courage, love, and a sense of awe.

Life is a miracle

In the realm of miracles, life does unfold,

A tapestry of wonders, a story yet untold.

With intricacy and grace, it takes its form,

A symphony of existence, through the calm and storm.

Life, a miracle in every breath we take,

In the depths of our souls, its mysteries awake.

From the tiniest cells to the vast cosmic sky,

It defies comprehension, leaving us to deny .

Embrace the marvel, let its essence inspire,

For within its magic, dreams will transpire.

Life’s adaptation and resilience, lessons profound,

In the face of challenges, strength is found.

Life’s diversity, a testament to its grand design,

Each soul a unique spark, perfectly aligned.

Unleash your potential, let your spirit soar,

For you hold within you miracles galore.

As miracles do, let gratitude fill your heart,

For the precious gift of life, a priceless art.

Believe in your dreams, let them guide your way,

With unwavering faith, you’ll conquer, come what may.

So, let us celebrate life, this miracle divine,

With wonder and gratitude, let our spirits shine.

For in the miracles of life, we find our strength,

And together, we’ll create a world of limitless breadth.

(Vijay Verma)


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  1. L’important, c’est d’y croire, ou de faire semblant

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