#The slow death of Tram #

Today is 7th May and this post has relevance as the first electric Tam was introduced in kolkata..



Let me narrate an incident that haunts my mind always. Why we are losing signs and symbols of cultural heritage?

I am living in Kolkata for the last fifteen years. I love one of the unique systems of transportation, i.e. The Trams of Kolkata.

When I first landed in Kolkata, the first mode of transport I used was Trams.

Yes, in the year 2001, I was transferred and had to join the Kolkata branch. After reaching Kolkata railway station, I boarded the tram near the railway station and went to Shyam Bazar, the place of stay. I was thrilled to travel by tram because it is available in Kolkata only.

These days, this mode of transport is slowly dying due to the availability of better and faster modes of transport.

Yes, Kolkata, the city of joy, is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. The city…

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  1. I think this is interesting, sad … but also unnecessary. Here cities are reintroducing tram systems. We don’t have trams in Glasgow, but they are now in Edinburgh again. Kolkata should be modernising the system rather than scrapping it

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  2. I remember reading this post before. It is sad when old cultural heritage vanish. I hope they can save the trams.

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