#Secret of Happiness#


Today, when I came to the park for the morning walk, I saw a group of senior citizens sitting on the green grass doing yoga. I also joined them. But after a while, they stopped doing yoga. They started then chatting with each other.

Some of them were complaining about the family members of their own house. All of them seemed sad and upset.

I threw my dialogue — why don’t you all try to be happy leaving all these pity worries.

Hearing my words, they looked at me in surprise and together they said – But how?

Yes, there is a need to stay happy and enjoy our beautiful life. But how ? is a genuine question.

This is surprising data that with over 1 billion people around the world suffering from anxiety and depression – global happiness is a huge deal.

 As we know that,– being “unhappy” is costing us our health, our sanity, and our lives. So how do we stay away from anxiety and depression and be happy? That is the need of the hour.

Yes, there is a need to stay happy and enjoy our beautiful life.

  • We all just want to be happy;
  • We need to accept guidance to achieve this;
  • We need to apply self-discipline to follow the guidance;
  • We need to shift the focus to making inner, not outer, changes; We need truly to accept that both happiness and unhappiness are choices we make.

We need to look for happiness in the right way. At first, let go of instinctive patterns such as judgemental reactions, anger, jealousy, and the like.

Everyone wants to be happy, Is it not ?

Yes, of course, everyone tries to do something for their happiness.

 In fact, this desire is the fundamental motivation of every living thing. But on a conscious level, very few people seek happiness. Rather, they seek those things that they think will make them happy: –

Have you ever said this to yourself? … I will be Happy When……

• I have more money. (I am rich!)

• I have a” love” relationship.

• I have a better job.

• I have more friends.

• I have more followers and likes on social media.

• I am famous.

We think that these are the secret Keys to happiness. But the fact is that — True happiness doesn’t come from any of those things. It may feel good for the moment, but the feeling you get from outside influences is fleeting and only changes based on the moment.

But, Don’t worry.  Only we have that power. Why not, then, seek happiness itself, rather than searching outside in the materialist world. Yes, Happiness lies within.

It is not necessary that a man with good health and wealth may also be happy in their life.

 Happiness is something that everyone searches for but very few can find true happiness.

Therefore, I share herewith five key steps to bring happiness into life every day. I think that these steps as putting happiness into action. Our brains and bodies are hard-wired to be happy.

we just have to tap into the perfect recipe that can work for us.

 Practicing Gratitude

Start your day with gratitude every day. Before you pick up your phone, get on your computer, or even have your first sip of coffee you have to find  3 things you are grateful for in your life. It starts your day feeling good about what you do,  have not to worry about what you don’t.

 We therefore should focus on practicing gratitude for the things we have and enjoying the process as we go. 

Give To Others

Obviously, this one is our favorite and we know for sure it works. When we give something to others – even something as simple as a smile to a stranger,  or giving a meal to a person in need. While doing so, we set off “The Happiness Trifecta” in your body. Yes, the perfect combination of oxytocin (love hormone), serotonin (happy hormone), and dopamine.  We can also find a reduction of cortisol up to 23%  (stress hormone). This toxic stress can inhibit the functioning of hormones that regulate growth and development. That is the process we find the way to be happy with every give.

Have Social Connections:

We don’t mean social media only.  No doubt, it is also important for our happy life.

However, when we have real-life connections with others,   even with our pet animal at home, it reduces the feelings of loneliness.

 It creates the feeling of having a tribe you know is always there for you. Finding your positive tribe can include family, friends, and colleagues as they are the people who lift you up when you need it and celebrate all that life offers.

We should Build a Purpose

Purpose can mean many things to many people. It can be associated with your work as well.

If we find personal purpose, it makes a positive impact on the world around us.

yes, I like to do drawing and Art that stays me happy all the time. 

 We should be focused on personal growth as well. That can help boost our happiness. 

Research suggests that pursuing these types of intrinsically motivated goals can increase happiness more than pursuing extrinsic goals like gaining money or status.

Stay Active always 

If your body feels good, you feel good.  To keep our body fit, we should try to eat good food. Exercise daily for at least 30  minutes. This will help keep our minds quiet.

 Our mind just needs to be quiet sometimes. I usually do morning walks in the park and enjoy tuning in with nature sitting at a quiet favorite place.

I do Yoga and meditation to let that inner chatter go away.


Happiness is the most important thing in this world. We should express and share happiness with friends and family.

Yes, Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment.

Stay happy and Stay healthy.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post which is very helpful for mankind in the present scenario.
    Five tips are very important and to the point.
    Gratitude is the highest of all.
    Thank you Sir 🙏

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  2. Absolutely wonderful, thanks for sharing. 🌹💕

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  3. Staying happy is very important and all the points you’re mentioned help to achieve that state of mind. Thank you for sharing, sir!!

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  4. Social connection is important for the senior citizens to remain happy.Nice blog.

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