A Memorable morning at Kalyani


We are running through cold these days and I like this weather very much because I enjoy my Yoga and meditation in the morning Sunlight. This is because Sunlight is pleasant in winter and we must have sun exposure for vitamin D.

What so ever, I would like to share about one fine morning walk at Kalyani. 

 I was in Kalyani, a beautiful place with having semi-urban township but a bit of a rural look.

I like rural areas with lots of trees and greenery fields in the village. I enjoy the fresh air in a calm environment.

Kalyani is a small town near Kolkata and I like that place very much as I was living there for about two years.

One fine morning,

One fine morning, I woke up very early. The weather was cold which make me feel quite fresh as I had better sleep at night.

After many years I was getting up at 5.00 in the morning. I usually get up after 7.00, especially in winter.

One fine morning

 I was in need of hot coffee to beat the chilly feeling and get the mood fresh.

All the family members were still sleeping, hence I visited the kitchen and made a full mug of hot coffee, — so tasty, and so soothing.  

 It was very really refreshing and my mood was get uplifted. I was feeling as if an expert in coffee.

After my washroom,  I proceeded for the morning walk, however; I was before the time of my scheduled morning walk.

Time to Smile in the Mirror

Since I had plenty of time to walk, I decided to cover the village area which was at a bit distance.

There was an unpaved road and there was plenty of trees standing on both side of the road that was creating a very scenic view.

People were busy collecting sap

After covering about two kilometers, I came across so many date trees in a row, and people were busy collecting sap (date – juice) from the trees.

I had seen people who make jaggery from date trees collecting the sap of the tree. Their system of collecting sap is very interesting.

To collect sap, a man peels bark at the top and attaches a pot.

They made a slit in the trunk and a clay pot was tied below that slit.  As the juice is collected in the pot during the night,  they take it out in the morning. I tasted that sap.  It was delicious like tender coconut water. The date juice (sap)is used for healthy – drinks and for making Jaggery, which is also called Patali Gud.

Making Jaggery at the roadside.

After walking a little further, I saw some people on the side of the road making jaggery out of sap. This jaggery is called Patali Gud and it is a specialty of Bengal that is available only in winter.

I was curious to see the process of making Jaggery in a big tray on the side of the road. I stood there for some time and saw the whole process of making Jaggery.

 For making Jaggery, this sap is boiled for hours. It thickens and is poured into molds and when it cools, it becomes hard jaggery.

This is the process of making Jaggery

They used to make liquid jaggery also, which is very tasty to eat. I always used to eat it with toasted bread for my breakfast.

The sap is Tasty- tasty

The date juice is sweet in taste and is used for health- drinks and for making Patali Gud as well.

That is something new for me to see the manual process of making Jaggery.

At the request of those Jaggery manufacturers, I bought one kilo of fresh patali gud and then continued my morning walk ahead.

That was my new experience during a morning walk there. Yes, that was a memorable moment that I wanted to share with you all.

A memorable visit to the Village

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30 replies

  1. I’d be afraid to eat gur but your start of the day is ideal.

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  2. Description of a lovely and sweet morning like patali gur

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  3. It seems to be a great experience. I also love morning walks in winter. It’s very refreshing and energizing. Keep sharing such experiences!!

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  4. Mene socha tha winter cycling ka, but sardi badi he
    Loved this sir!!
    I am loving the “you” in your blog. Showing your personality

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  5. Our village house was near Kalyani! It is a beautiful place ☺️☺️

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  6. I have tasted this jaggery, really very tasty and good for health.

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