# Art is Free # 

It can lead to Happiness

There is no must in Art because art is free…

Sometimes back when I retired from a bank job, suddenly I started feeling emptiness, even finding it difficult to spend time.  

I was always a busy man but all of sudden felt me a jobless man.   It felt as if life had stopped.    I, therefore, began to think of different ways to get back life on track.

So many ideas started coming into my mind, why not think that unfulfilled hobby should be brought back to life.  

One who inspires others

It is almost two years ago I started learning drawing and painting and incidentally, I got one tutor for the purpose while I use to visit the tutorial class on drawing and painting for my granddaughter.

I also joined the class of drawing and painting to pass the time there, One day while writing my blog, I use some sketches in the Blog, and was published.

After reading my blog, one of my friend’s messages came …  Verma ji, how long has the ghost of this drawing gone. You have never had this hobby before?

Essence of beautiful Art

Looking at their message, my face smiled.   I suddenly remembered that incident.  In those days when I was posted in Kolkata, I use to walk from the office to the metro station to come back home from the bank,

 One day in the evening I was walking from the office to the metro, and I saw a great artist on the way.  He had both his legs and one arm cut and possesses only his right hand. But he used to make a sketch on the street every day with colored chalk with the help of only his hand.

Drawing gives deep Pleasure

Sometimes a beautiful drawing of Lord Shiva and sometimes Mother Durga was made. I would go through those roads every day and see him drawing sketches in the evening and would be happy to give some money for his talent.

I used to look at him and think how happy he is to create such an artwork in the life of such a lacking. He made it the basis of his livelihood.

I was very impressed by his passion and I also had a desire for drawing from that day. Since, I have retired, I am able to get enough time to fulfill that suppressed desire.

That is why I am also started drawing and painting.

It is Art that makes Life

I am drawing and painting on the regular basis and sharing some artwork and sketch too … You can also see my sketches here and please do not forget to share your feelings…

Please click the link below for the previous Blog…

Personality is everything in Art


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  1. It’s really amazing and as well as inspiring🌹🌹

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  2. Beautiful artwork 👌👌

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  3. My friend you are so right! Art is FREE! And available to all and at any age. Art is the ultimate human endeavour of creation that links us directly to God.

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  4. Wah
    Your art is getting fun and interesting!!
    Love it..

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  5. sometimes on our way to something, we find so many other things to learn from.., You artwork is truly inspiring!

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  6. Really amazing.Nice blog.

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