#Be careful with words#


Words can make or break us. That can change our lives, that can start a war, or maybe be the catalyst of peace. So, be careful with words.

In the current situation we are facing much of the stress is not so much physical but it is mental.

Yes, the challenges we are facing are mostly at the level of the mind.

Being senior citizens, we have to compromise and adjust with people who differ in opinions and ideas.  Even today, our own children do not ready to accept our suggestion despite having vast experience of our life.

I think we all have different visions of looking at the world.

Sometimes situations arise when We have to face choices —  Are we going to take action that tears our relations or action that brings us together?

Words are a powerful tool

Friends, Words are a very powerful expression tool. The words spoken to others can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory–either good or bad. In most cases, we have seen that choice of words and ways to express ourselves make or break our relationship. 

They can create happiness or bring tears to our people. That is the reason we should be very selective in using words. Not only in practical daily life but dealing in business and career growth too, words play a vital role.

Loving, caring words that make people feel comfortable and bring people together. But the fact is that we seldom think about words when we talk to anyone.

Generally, our words depend on our state of mind,  the moment, and people’s attitudes we are talking about.

It’s important to have a loving interaction with everyone that we meet. Our words are very potent and have a long-lasting effect. So, it is imperative to pay attention to our words and make an effort to genuinely listen to others as well.

Promote habits of love and tolerance

In our life, we often have to take decisions.  we should promote habits that show love and tolerance,  But we often show anger and discrimination even in small matters.

We go on autopilot in saying whatever pops into our heads, the moment someone does something we don’t like, we use harsh words, without knowing its repercussion.

Words, once spoken, cannot be retracted, and it is for this reason that we must think twice before we say something. Additionally, when we bring pain to someone with our words, we also feel pain, and that influences our minds.

Our words, even if spoken in jest, have the power to heal or to hurt.  we should have full control over the words we speak. In the same vein, we are also responsible for the impact and outcome of our words, regardless of what our original intent might have been.

Once I was also facing arguments in our family and during the hot discussion I have been told some harsh language which I was not expected. Those words spoken had emotionally hurt me. 

How to be cool and happy

Now the question arises, how to deal with my words and my anger?

 As we want to resolve to do so,  we have to bring peace to ourselves and to our surroundings. As we become peaceful ourselves, we will have a radiating effect on others as well.

 To be peaceful, we need to turn to our own source of stability, calm, and peace which is within us. We can do so as we go within through meditation.

When we meditate on the inner Light and Sound of God, we come in contact with his love within us, which fills us with inner peace, joy, bliss, and happiness.

Time for Meditation

As we spend time in meditation, we create a calm haven in which we restore equilibrium and peace to our mental functioning.

When our mind stays calm, we stay away from anger and no harsh words come into our mind.

One affectionate  word of mine can change someone’s entire day.” This is the best way to live and let others live happily.

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  1. Very good and wise advice Vijay

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  2. Spot on advice my friend. Have a nice Sunday!

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  3. Carefulness with our words. Good, for life.

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  4. So true, particularly that we hurt ourself with harsh and angry words too, not just the person we speak them to

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  5. Great advices sir! I think meditation should be practiced by every single person to get a better hold of their emotions.

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