#Journey of an artist#

Making Art is a Journey

I know the journey of an artist can be challenging, But I have a strange story of my passion for my Art. I would like to share a bit about my artistic journey and how I got started.

During the initial period of lock down time, I was forbidden to get out of the house. I was sitting and wondering how could I spend time sitting idly in the house. Whenever I opened the TV, I was scared to hear the news of the pandemic of Corona.

 So I decided that if I want to fight against Corona, I have to keep my immunity strong and I started thinking of various ways for that.

One of my friends suggested that why don’t you write a blog and share your experience of life, you can utilize your time effectively and you will stay away from stress and depression.

Art is never finished

I was impressed with his words, but I told him that I do not even have a connection with literature and all I have done is banking throughout my life. 

Then he explained that now you are retired, It’s a good time to revive your forgotten dream and unfulfilled hobby. I decided in my mind that I will write a blog every day without fail..

I think a lot of making Art

In the meantime, I had to take my granddaughter to attend drawing classes and spend two hours sitting vacant, and then the idea came to my mind that why don’t I also learn drawing with these children and utilize the idle time. But I was a bit hesitant.

Then I used to sit alone there with my drawing copy and pencil.

A month has passed, and the drawing teacher said that you too can join this class,    looking at your interest in drawing,  I will help you to learn drawing and painting. .

Miles to go

And there was it, I also sat among the children with a drawing copy and pencil.
I said in my mind that this is similar to adult education; there was a smile on my face.

Let’s also experience a new hobby in life and the next day I also started taking drawing classes with my granddaughter. It seemed strange but there was no other option but to get busy and happy.

Art is a challenge

I started to enjoy drawing.  but the problem was that when I made a drawing of a girl, it looked like a boy and when I made a sketch of a young man, it looked like an old man. Ha ha ha .😂😂

The children used to laugh and joke about seeing my drawing. Then the teacher said that you should initially make a drawing of the animals and later practice making a human face.

I thought in my mind that if I quit drawing class because of children mocking me, I will lose the respect of my children. I will have to stand and accept this challenge and start drawing with having fun.

Art is a form of Love

One day, I posted one drawing on my Facebook page and wrote … ” I am  an artist..”

The next day, one of my friends raised the question ..who has given you the right to call yourself an Artist…..Do you know the definition of the Artist…?

I just accepted their feelings and start finding the truth about an Artist, and how to define an Artist ..

so I got so many explanations about an Artist …,  some of them are…

there is a famous quote by Pablo Picasso …,.

All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artist, once he grows up.. it means by nature of being born human, we all are artists…

There is no must in Art

  • Many who obtained a University Degree related to an area with all the blood, sweat, Tears, and money that entailed, felt that some sort of qualification that was formalized was the main criterion.
  • One felt that if you had got yourself as a business and were earning enough money that you had to submit an income tax return then that was the deciding factor..
  • Some felt that you needed validation from an art gallery exhibiting your work or an award or prize within the art community to be considered..an artist..

One famous Artist ..Paul Cezanne defines art in this way… .

If I were called upon to define briefly the word art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul ..

I paint my dream.

  • Accordingly to the dictionary… The definition of art covers basically anyone…. who creates something with skill and imagination..
  • Drawing, painting, and sculpture processes practices, and creates imagination.
  • I am willing to connect with my friends and followers, through my stories and drawing out of my passion to write my Blog and make sketches…
  • I would like to create a trusted and joyful friend circle, and share tales from the past.

Every day is a journey

  • Painting is a time-consuming hobby but I find it therapeutic …
  • During the lock down , I was devoting my time to my passion for painting and drawing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it. Feel free to share with friends.

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  1. I bet learning with children was a wonderful experience… learning a new skill but alongside the excitement and innocence, creativity of youth

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  2. Wonderful art, thanks for sharing. 🌹💕

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  3. Your art is coming along nicely. Enjoy the journey.

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  4. These artworks are very beautiful. Felt great to know about your art Journey. You’re an example of ‘no age to learn something new’.

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