An evening in Kolkata

The only joy in the world is to begin


I am living in Kolkata city for the last 15 years. I love this place because it is also called the City of Joy.

I always celebrate New Year with great pomp and show in Kolkata. The best thing is that the weather in the month of  January stays very pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold.

 It is a city where all kinds of festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The people here are art lovers and celebrate all the festivals with open hearts. But this time I did not visit outside for the new year celebration. Because of the bad weather with the severe cold, I decided to stay at home and enjoy the day to participate in the function of our society here.

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats

Today I am remembering that day when five years ago I celebrated the New Year in a different way. I used to live alone in Kolkata in those days. It was January 1st and I was sitting in my flat thinking about how to celebrate the new year. That day was also a bank holiday and I was alone in my flat.

Suddenly, my mobile got ringing, there was a call from my friend Niranjan. Coincidentally he was also alone in those days.

Hello dear, how are you celebrating the new year? — he asked.

Brother, I am all alone this time and suffering from loneliness. I do not understand how to welcome this new year.– I said.

I am also single and want to welcome the new year with great zeal and make the day memorable.

Get ready quickly and come to Millennium Park. There will be a party on the cruise.

But will you get a single entry there?

Of course, these moments spent by you will be memorable, I believe.

I got excited listening to his words and quickly decided to join and celebrate the new year on a cruise. That was my first experience.

Happiness depends on ourselves

It was now four o’clock in the day and I can join the evening party there on the cruise.

I reached Millennium Park well in time. My friend Niranjan was waiting for me.  We found that a lot of crowds there and all are looking happy and dressed up well. All are looking as if they are all ready to celebrate the new year party on the cruise.

 There was a long queue for tickets but Niranjan had already taken two tickets which were feeling relief for me.

A beautifully decorated cruise was standing at Babu Ghat of Hubli river near Millenium park. We both boarded that cruise while pushing and shoving because of overcrowding there.

The cruise journey started in a short while. The evening had set in and it was getting dark slowly. Decorated with twinkling lights, our cruise floating on the river was spreading a beautiful and captivating shade.

After a while,  the melodious tune of the DJ started playing.  all are looking in a colorful mood. Many food items were available on the cruise. Listening to the music some are also enjoying the delicious food of Kolkata.

I also went to the food stalls and wanted to satiate my taste buds with the typical Kolkata cuisine. 

 I also enjoyed Kolkata’s famous rosogulla and then a delicious chaat made my mood savoury. Here children – old people, boys – girls were dressed and enthusiastic to celebrate the new year.

I wake up every morning with a great desire to live joyfully

Our cruise was slowly moving and after a while reached the middle of the river. There was a fantastic view of the twinkling lights on both ends of the river. We were enjoying that beautiful view of lighting making the shadow in the river water.

And the best moment was when the melodious music of the DJ’s tune was forcing the body to dance.

Then the DJ people announced – Hello my friends, do you all want to make the first day of the new year memorable?

The whole crowd spoke in unison – yes .. yes … yes ….

What was it then? There was a dancing floor on the stage and everyone ran towards it to participate in the dancing.

My friend said – let us also dance with them.

Initially, I was hesitant to go there. I was thinking that what would be thinking about this old man who joined to dance with young and energetic boys and girls?

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise

Surprisingly, a member of the DJ came to me and took me to the dancing floor.  The lights dimmed, the music turned louder, and soon people were drawn into a separate world of excitement and happiness.

It did not seem that people do not know each other. Everyone was dancing together without hesitation. Perhaps this is the specialty of the people of this city and this is the reason why this city is called the city of joy.

 I also started dancing among those people as a novice.

In those moments I had completely forgotten myself – my old age, my troubles, and my loneliness. I felt young once again. I had enthusiasm again and had a beautiful dream and a will to live.
Really, apart from all these, what else is needed to live a happy life?

Please click below the link for enjoying my dance on the stage.😂😂

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  1. Good morning! Happiness is a blessing! Enjoy it my friend!

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  2. That sounds like it was a very special party with lots of treasured memories. Thank you for sharing. Do you celebrate on the cruise every year now?

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  3. Mr. Verma ! Dominique Lapierre & Larry Collins have written a Novel called ,’ The City of Joy ‘. They have used this phrase for a Mohalla of Kolkata called ‘Anand Nagar’. Later on this phrase has been used for the entire city of Kolkata by writers and journalists . But a German Novelist and Noble Laureate , Gunter Grass in his Novel called ‘Show Your Tongue’ has written that MA KALI has shown her Tongue by seeing the dirt of the city of Kolkata . Anyway your experience of the new year five years back had been a Moment of Joy in the City of Joy . Thanks !

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  4. I used to love rosogulla. They’re so delicious. Great post.

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  5. My Kolkata is my nostalgia. Well shared ☺️☺️☺️

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  6. Wonderful post. Great photos. You brighten the day. Thank you.
    ‘One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats’
    ‘The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise’

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  7. I’ve been to India, to Bangalore, but never to Kolkatta. Is it the biggest city in India? Anyway, thank you for a very interesting read.

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  8. I have seen you on my blog, liking the blog. So I thought I would check you out. Such a pleasant surprise. I loved the good vibes of a happy post. I am glad you met up with Niranjan and had a wonderful New Year’s Eve on the Hubli river.
    Best regards,

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