Cheers for Everything

Life is full of surprises

Hello friends, Hope you are doing well and safe.

Sometimes we need to create our own cheers. Just Thinking of Laughing, Smiling, and being happy about even small achievements.  Yes, I am celebrating our best achievement of the year gone. Join me with my cheers for everything.

Starting a podcast

As we start, 2023 and this is the time for a new year’s resolution, I was thinking to start Podcasting again but do not find a way where to start.

The last year, I was about to start this hobby, but due to some technical problems, It could not be started.

Speaking is an Art of giving power to words

Now, my love of Podcasting has cropped up again,  and I promise to self-start again this year.

I was googling about Podcast and found so many ways I can start.

But before that, I would like to list down my performance in my Blogging of the previous year.

897 Blog posts in 2022

It is true that it takes passion to be a blogger. I want to be a Blogger and with the grace of God and the affection of our Blogger friends, I have already posted 897 articles on my Blog in the span of the last 12 months only.

From my experience, I would say that commitment is the key factor for a successful Blogger.

Commitment is not for a day, not for a week, not for a month, not for a year, but it should be committed all the time in the work of Blogging.

Moreover, A blogger should have creative thought and be motivated enough to write blogs and posts timely with their commitment. I try to stretch myself to fulfill my commitment.

Each day holds a surprise

What I understand is that Blogging is a wonderful platform to share our thought. The most wonderful part of blogging is that there is no pressure at all to create posts daily, rather it is my hobby to post my article when I find the time.

It is very helpful in oozing my creativity and feels excited to keep updating our blog.

Blogging is my Hobby

As Blogging is my hobby, it’s something that I love doing and never get tired of. I am not restricted to niches and find myself connecting with many bloggers’ friends and writers through this blog website.

I have made 7 categories in our Blogs – motivational, Stories, Poems, Infotainment, health, Me & my Art, and tours & travels, However, my favorite is Poems and me and my Art.

632 plus blogs posted in a row,

I can’t believe how fast last year flew by. Honestly speaking that the Year is  Good to cheer for everything.

Yes, at the start of this year, I had promised myself to do something different and one idea came to my mind. I had set myself a goal to post one new Blog every day as that was one of my new year’s resolutions.

To keep my promise alive, I am still continuing my endeavor, even if it has been a bit challenging a few times.

However, I managed 630 plus blogs posted in a row, surpassing the target as of date.

Yes, we got lots of appreciation from my fellow friends for this feat.

I do really feel that this is good for me because it pushes me to do even more writing.

The blog has 1337 Followers

I love to post something on daily basis, particularly on motivation, health-related articles, memoirs, and all that pertains to our life.  There was no niche for me. I stay connected with online bloggers who are following me and interacting with me on blog topics and it felt so nice being in that community. Yes, we got 1330 -plus followers now.

I started my blog three years back and I am happy to see that my Blog has 3.20 lac views and  93130 visitors along with 19800 beautiful and encouraging comments from online friends.

I am hopeful for better days ahead. My Patience and optimistic approach are my keys to staying happy and surviving in adversity.

Hoping, the new year will come with new hopes, new zeal, and new resolutions again.


Cheers to the good times, cheer to the bad times, and cheers to everything in between — Ha ha ha .  I am now excited about the new achievement to come.

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10 replies

  1. Happy for your achievement dear Vermaji 🤗💞

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  2. You can start podcast here itself.
    You might have noticed that WP allows you to convert your blogs to podcast through Anchor.
    Now, you can even record your podcasts in the way you like. Add music to it, edit it and save it.
    Anchor is connected to Spotify.
    That means your podcast will be available on spotify.
    Plus, you can use the link and embed them here in podcast player. So, people can play your podcast with the blogs.

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  3. All time high light shows good progress.I have seen your commitment , dedication,patience and understanding in all the blogs.To make blog nice ,you have added photographs, drawings, sketches and video clips.Keep on the habbit.

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