When no words to express

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser

Hello friends, Hope you are doing well and safe.

I am taking my journey of drawing from day one of this new year. I have vowed to have five sketches a day so that I can reach my goal of 1100 sketches at the end of this year.

I am doing art and creative writing as well. when words are hard to find for expressing my emotions, I take the help of my drawing and paintings to communicate and share my feeling with you all.

I would like to be known as an ‘artist’

Thousands of words

Sometimes people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But drawing is worth Thousands of words.

In this new year and five days before  I started different types of  Cartoon drawings and am trying to continue this for the whole month of January.

This idea of making Cartoon drawings came to my mind on the first day of this new year when I was at the drawing board to start a fresh portrait of my favorite and great Artist Charlie Chaplin, who was one of the greatest and most widely loved silent movie stars.

Words cannot express

He is remembered for the funniest and most popular films of his time. He was best known for his character, the naive and lovable Little Tramp.

I am a great fan of his act because he always tries to spread smiles on the faces of others through their actions.

I remembered his quote — Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it. All it needs is courage, imagination … and a little dough.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it.

The art is  a Therapy

Art is Therapy for me and it helps me to keep happy and busy. It has so many benefits as well..

  • For people who suffer from mental health problems, this art and drawing are very helpful.
  • For people who find it hard to be vocal about their feelings or have learning difficulties, art therapy is great for them.
  • People with dementia can be benefited as well. : You can use creative parts of your brain, which helps you to manage stress levels and restores a sense of personal identity.

Maybe you’re right

  • Creative art can help distract and calm people as well as improve their communication skills.
  • As art therapy helps in expressing feelings, it can also help patients to regain their sense of freedom and control.
  • People who cannot express their feelings can use art therapy to show their emotions without any verbal communication.

Today I am going to share some Cartoon sketches which have been created recently and that I like most.

Yes, I have kept a target to draw at least 150 cartoon sketches this current month. In fact, I am learning to draw cartoon sketches from my drawing teacher.

Drawing is my Meditation

For me drawing is just like Meditation. I just start drawing and see what comes out. My efforts usually find a reflection of my feelings about that moment.

My sketches are traditionally rough drawings that we use to note down our preliminary ideas and detailing made later on. But a cartoon sketch is a graphic art, and comically distorted drawing done with the purpose of satirizing its subject.

I want to draw Cartoons sketches for social comedy which can help us to have smiles on our faces.

Have no words to express my feelings

When I am in drawing, I drown myself to achieve the feeling of volume, depth, texture, light,  movement, and life on a static surface. This is also helpful for me in finding new ideas for my storytelling and conveying messages to the world.

I know it is a bit difficult to achieve the desired result in a short span, but my emotional attachment and hard work will keep me going toward my goal slowly but steadily.

I know very well that I have to do drawing exercises with the required knowledge, observation, and imagination and for that, I  need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE.

Being Happy is my Choice

Yes,  Drawing skill is like a muscle and we obviously don’t get stronger by reading books about weightlifting and watching online videos about it. so I am enjoying the fun of drawing and painting to build my unique skill.

Are you agree with my belief ? Thanks for reading this article. Please share your feelings.

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75 replies

  1. Wonderful pictures. Wish you a Happy New Year and many inspiration and artistic expression for 2023!!!

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  2. Awesome pictures dear Vermaji 😇🤗

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  3. Mr. Verma ! Your sketches are quite awesome . They speak in their own way . They smile to teach us how to smile . They , sometimes , remain depressed, that even make us smile . They never laugh , but make us laugh sometimes , sometimes even loudly . But the most important thing is your new year resolution . You have vowed to draw five sketches daily . That is excellent . It means we are likely to have smiles on our face throughout the year . That is good . You are a multi-faceted personality . That you might not be realizing . But we think so . And we can’t be wrong altogether . I was also a painter , but a long year back . During my school time . Even after . But when I was enrolled in M.A in a metropolitan city like Bombay in early eighties , I completely forgot all those . And when I became a UGC ( Net-Qualifed ) JRF/SRF and submitted my thesis on a socialist leader like Jayaprakash Narayan , I could not think of painting as such , as a socialist never paints . And punishment for painting/sketching in socialism is simply guillotine and nothing less than that . Thanks for sharing !

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  4. Good morning Sir! I am happy to see your drawings and how you are developing your talent and uour eye for art. Have a great day!

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  5. 1100?
    wow that’s a lot. Shagun ki he?
    Best wishes.

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  6. That first sketch really pulled me in. Such character in that face and mischeviousness in his eyes.

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  7. अभिनंदन, कृपया सभी स्क्रेच का टाइटल देना मत भूलना, धन्यवाद 🙏🙏

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  8. Pictures are beautiful.Picture creates imagination.Many people remark many conclusion.
    Good blog

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  9. Excellent t life pla and excellent artwork!

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  10. Excellent life plan and excellent art work!

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