#My Dear Mobile#

I Love you so much.

Me and my mobile, often talk to each other. When you are not with me, it seems as if my life has stopped for a while.  I am started loving you a lot because You help me keep updated all the time.  

My dear mobile… I Love you so much. You are my only Bestiee who does not hurt me … I feel happy always to stay with you while moving,

It seems as if, You are my genie and I am your master.  

You always keep asking.. what is the order for me, my master ? 

Life without Mobile

Hey Mobile, …It is true that the concept of today’s life is useless without you.  People usually say that mobile is a terrible thing in the present context. It has snatched away the happiness and peace of the people.  Many of us start counting its demerits. Even they blame the mobile for mental illness.

But whatever it is, I have also learned some good things from this gadget. Yes, from this mobile, I have learned the six basic mantras of life.

Do not forget to charge the mobile as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Whenever I woke up in the morning, the first thought that comes to my mind of charging it fully. Not only that, before leaving for the office, the first thought of charging of mobile comes into our mind ever before we have eaten or not. I mean to say, I always try to get it fully charged.

Moreover, I always Keep the power bank with me to ensure that it does not get discharged during travel.

My cell phone is my best friend. It is my lifeline 

First Learning

Yes, the first lesson my mobile teaches us is that, in order to get success in life, it is necessary to keep oneself fully charged so that one can perform any work in a better way.  

We can keep ourselves fully charged in two ways –. First,  with the help of external sources. i.e. we feel charged or motivated by listening to motivational videos on our mobile, listening to sermons, reading good books, and also by keeping a pleasant environment around us.

Apart from this, the internal charger can also be developed inside us, as we use the power bank for our mobile.

 For this, along with meditation and yoga, we can develop an internal charger through inculcating the habit of positive thinking. There is some purpose in life or goal set in everyone’s life.

To achieve the desired result, zeal and enthusiasm are necessary. With the help of this,  we can perform better in every aspect of life.

My phone is like my lover… It’s the last thing I see at night and the first thing I wake up to Every Morning.

Second learning

The second learning we received from the mobile is that, when I was buying my new mobile a few days ago, first of all, I did the performance review of its camera. We always ensure that mobile camera should have better performance to take a cool selfies.

People say it is the era of knowledge, but I feel that the era of selfies has come and the trend of selfies is being spiked.

There is a lesson to be learned from the selfie too. We should always live in the present moment by taking a selfie and feel joy. Likewise, we can self-evolve by leaving the past moments and worries about the future and staying in present to enjoy the beautiful life.

By doing so,  we can improve our performance. Yes, we should learn to live in the present moment.

There are many thoughts that keep going on in our minds simultaneously, but we can bring the wandering mind back to the present moment by pulling the wandering mind from the past or the future and developing the self, to empower oneself. To be successful in your life, it is necessary to evolve yourself.

Through this process, we can improve our performance in the time to come.. To ensure happiness and success in our life, it is necessary to evolve ourselves.

Do more things that make you forget your phone

Third Learning

sometimes it is mandatory to keep the mobile in airplane mode, whenever we fly on a plane. The purpose is to get disconnected from many networks for some time. So that plane can fly smoothly with no hindrance.

 In the same way, we should also spend some moments in life in such a way that we completely disconnected ourselves from everyone else and our thoughts will go to zero states. In this way, we feel refreshed again.

To live life better and achieve higher goals, there is a need to put yourself in airplane mode for some time. Yes, there should be a few moments in the day, in the week, or in the month when we should be disconnected from all types of networks for some time.

The way the plane signals to keep the mobile to be in airplane mode when it goes up. In order to touch the heights of success in life, one should keep himself in airplane mode in between. Just keep alone, and must observe complete silence for some time..

Only I can change my life — No one can do it for me.

Fourth Learning

To protect the mobile screen from scratches, screen guards are used.  In the same way, it is necessary to put a scratch guard in the mind so that external situations do not disturb it. These days gorilla glass comes inbuilt into mobile. To keep my mind focused, I have to make a protective shield like gorilla glass so that no one else can scratch my life.

We should reach the t situation, that whatever anyone says, we should not be perturbed by their comments. I just have to stay focused on my goal.

My screen guard may be a friend,  a partner, our elders, or our guru. Anyone who empowers our life and protects us from external disturbance.

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone

Fifth learning

One more learning is about decluttering our minds. For optimal performance of our mobile, we keep deleting unnecessary messages from time to time. in the same way, it is important to let go of all the negative thoughts and emotions that make you feel bogged down. Eliminating unnecessary thoughts, fears and concerns help reduce stress, boost self-esteem and free up mental space.

Yes, decluttering of the mind will definitely improve our thinking ability and help us to live a happy life.

sixth learning

As we know that technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. Being very much dependent on mobile lead to so many mental problems.

It means if you want to use a mobile for your maximum benefit. You should have the best control over it and we have to be masters and not slaves.

likewise, we should be masters of our own minds for better performance.

Friends, Whenever we connect these six learning related to our mobile as discussed above,   we can make our life highly protected, and then no one can stop us from being successful. And necessarily, we can enjoy life to the fullest…

Are you agree with me ? Please share your feelings.

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  1. I agree totally. For many, it can be an addiction but it can also be a very useful tool. I can check my work calendar on my phone while travelling or even at home without turning on the computer to check appointments. I can quickly check facts on the Internet. I also find it great for reading ebooks when travelling. I dont half fill my bags with books any more. Take photos for my blog … im actually thinking about a new phone and I agree, the quality of the camera is of primary importance. I want good quality photos for my blog.

    I put my phone on charge in the hall every night before I go to bed. I dont bring my phone into the bedroom.

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  2. Very nice blog on mobile ie Smartphone.Every thing in mobile.Many things are out such as watch,camera, calculator, newspaper and somany.It gives us pleasure and knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

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