# I am not an Artist #


I Love doing sketching and artwork since childhood.

I had chosen a painting course when I was at school. I  had a great teacher at that time. My journey was going well,  but soon I left that school due to some unavoidable circumstances.

 However, I continued to learn by myself but sometimes I  used to paint some mess when I felt bored because I was not serious about my painting.

One day, I got a new friend. He use to paint well. I thought, he has a talent. I kept on learning the art from that friend and continued my journey.

That was fascinating!

I was learning traditional drawings and improving slowly and steadily day by day. 

But again my journey came to an end as I was shifted to a new place during my study. That chapter on art and drawing was more or less closed. 

Now, the time has come again to start my journey after a gap of forty-five years. Yes, I again have held that pencil in my hand to start with.

But frankly speaking, I am not an artist, but stay curious to learn how to draw and paint.

I have a dream to do a  beautiful piece of portrait, which could be the showpiece of my drawing room.

The second inning of my journey in Art and drawing started on the 28th of December 2019 and today I have completed three years of my journey in this subject. 

But I know I am still not good at painting. However, my endeavor to learn and practice goes on on daily basis. I hope my hard work helps me to reach our desired place.

The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes of my pencil come like speech.” I know many of our friends are also amateur artists and hobbyists. Since I am just learning this  Art and drawing so, you can call me an amateur artist as well.

Friends, drawing is the most creative field and I love creativity.

I have my favorite tool in my hand without which drawing is impossible. Yes, in between writing this paragraph, I am holding — a pencil.  A  good graphite pencil is an essential part of the drawing, as my drawing teacher said on the very first day.

I have made a sketch just now in a hurry and sharing it with you all.  I am expecting your comments on the matter.. Ha ha ha..

I know this is not quality Artwork, because I am still a student of drawing subject. 

Graphite pencil is my first choice to make sketches. I am using different types of graphite pencils for my sketches.

Now it has become my passion. I have done so many sketches and sharing them with you all through this website. All of you are giving me support and affection. I am thrilled to read your beautiful comments. I am trying to continue that habit in the future as well.

Friends, I do not want to paint dreams, I paint my own imagination. Since the beginning of this month,  I was decided to draw cartoons only using colored pencils and graphite. This theme will be for one month.

Next month, I will have a  different theme and i.e. to draw animals and Birds only. This will be for one month.  How is this idea, please share your view as well.

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  1. This caught my attention. Such an amazing piece of art. Let’s follow each other. Thanks Anita

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  2. Your drawings are very beautiful even as an amateur artist. Keep on learning

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  3. it is so inspiring watching your beautiful artworks. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

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  4. Art is a human endeavour, a creative and philosophical process that should always strive to express thoughts and ideas, emotions and feelings. Art is a language, but to an artist art is the search, the search for significance, meaning, balance and satisfaction because an artist always finds. Keep up the good work my friend because you are doing all the right things. All the best.

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  5. वाह, बहुत खूब 👍👍

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  6. Any way Your efforts for learning many things at this age is really appreciated.Drawing, sketches and paintings are beautiful but not so bad.Keep up.

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