#An Evening at Sea Beach #


While watching the news about China today, my mind was very nervous,  because the corona epidemic has reached its peak in china again and is probably a threat to the world now.

The horrifying figures that kept coming in were making my heart tremble. My mind was getting restless. I was feeling despondent.

But I felt some respite when an old video of mine appeared on my mobile which was shot a few days before the Corona period.

My Visit to Mandarmani

At that time, I visited Mandarmani to spend a beautiful evening on the sea beach. 

While watching that video.  I was feeling a little more relaxed after remembering that memorable moment. I would like to share that memorable moment with you all.

Well, I love walking on the beach, because the fresh air of the sea beach and the songs sung by its waves give a lot of relief to my mind, body, and soul.

And the waves of the ocean lapping at my feet make me relaxed and happy. 

The sea sand hitting my feet at every step was erasing all the tiredness in my mind. As if I have fallen in love with the sand lying on the beach.

It was a rare occasion when all my family members were gathered to celebrate New year.

 We all decided to have a trip to Mandarmani Sea Beach, and we reached the sea beach after six hours of journey by Car.

Glimpses of Sea Beach

It was a pleasant evening with a very beautiful view. The raising of ocean waves looked beautiful and the gathering of men women and children made the environment very pleasing.

  • The little boys and girls were looking as beautiful as flying butterflies.
  • Senior citizens were sitting at the beach busy in their chit-chat.
  • The fashionable dresses and genuine laughter of the young men and women were attracting everyone towards them.
  • Some people were going live with mobile in their hands so that they could share this wonderful moment with their friends through social media.
  • A painter sitting in a faraway corner was busy in making painting the living beauty on the sand of the ocean. Some people were happily walking here and there.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Really that moment was memorable and was soothing our minds and souls.

The restless waves of the ocean were coming to the shore making noise as if they were coming to tell the earth some cheerful message from the distant horizon. It thrilled my body and mind at the touch of the cool and soft breeze.

The sun had almost covered its rays and because of its redness, the color of the sea- water was turning vermilion.

The boats standing in the ocean looked like huge shadow statues that were creating beautiful scenic views.

The sailors sitting on the boat were singing some song in their melodious and loud voices. The sky was preparing for the arrival of the night by spreading its golden glory.

At the same time, the rising moon was looking very attractive. It was a wonderful sight indeed!

 I was thrilled to see the high-rising waves of the ocean while walking along the sea beach. Seeing the wonderful environment here, my eyes were getting mesmerized.

The Sunset and my happiness

At this lovely time of sunset, I sat on one side of the beach with my family. Slowly it was getting dark.

That’s why the whole road was illuminated with electric lights. The shade of the coconut trees looked scary. I saw flocks of birds returning to their homes in the sky. Everything seemed mind-blowing… quite the opposite of today’s situation.

Impact on mind

Gradually the speed of the wind coming from the sea was increasing. The atmosphere became colder. The children had stopped making houses. They were looking at the houses they had built as if they did not want to leave them.

Many children had balloons in their hands, which they were happily blowing in the air.

The people sitting on the shore also started getting up. There was freshness and happiness on everyone’s face. The sea -shore filled my mind with new enthusiasm. After living that beautiful moment, we went back to our hotel.

In this way, how time passed in seeing the beautiful view of the beach and its mesmerizing effect was unknown.

In order to write about life first you must live it.

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  1. Mandarmoni is beautiful sea beach for a short trip! Well shared!

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  2. Ahhhh!
    Good time.
    Keep smiling 😉

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  3. Yes, the situation is scary these days but it’s good to remember the good times.

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  4. Nice description of Mandarmani sea beach and experience about the enjoyment.

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  5. Great post. Hope corona never come back again. look beautiful pictures


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