# Rules of Life #

Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing.  We are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.

Yes, The World Bank has assumed the average age of a person is 78 years.. According to their assessment, we spent on average, 29 years in sleeping, 3 – 4 years in education, 10-12 years in employment, 9-10 years in entertainment, and 15-18 years in other daily activities like eating, traveling, daily work, etc and finally we have only 9 years and 6 months for ourselves to enjoy.

In this way, we have only 3500 days to fulfill our dreams in life. So, let’s discuss how to make our life happy and enjoyable.

If a person thinks that whatever happens to us is not in our hands, then they might change this misconception after reading this article.

“Rules of life”: –

Let us start a new beginning of life and follow some basic rules. I think these rules will change our perception of life.


Confidence means “Belief in Yourself”. Friends, having self-confidence in our life is as important as having a fragrance in a flower.  We can say without self-confidence, our life becomes like a living corpse. No matter how talented a person is, they cannot do anything without confidence.

Yes, Self-confidence is the foundation of success, and because of a lack of self-confidence, a person always doubts his work by him.

People who are satisfied with themselves possessed self Confidence and possess the values of determination, hard work, and focus. They also have courage, fearlessness, and commitment.

What people will say is the biggest disease.

Most people think many times before doing any work. What people will think or say about them. Because of that, they cannot take decisions in time and lost their opportunity. Such people later regret not taking any decision. Therefore, do not think too much, and do what you think is right, because there will be hardly any work that will be appreciable by all.

Control your happiness

Currently, the happiness of most people depends on circumstances. Such people become happy under favorable conditions and feel sad in adverse situations.

For example, if a person gets successful in doing work then he becomes happy and if they fail becomes unhappy. 

Friends, we should be happy in every situation. Because efforts is in our hands, but not the result.

Whatever the situation may be favorable or unfavorable, we should react positively to both circumstances.

Be self-reliant

Friends, dependence is the biggest enemy of our happiness, So, as far as possible reduce expectations from others, do your own work and be self-reliant. We should not be sad about the thoughts of others, because their thoughts are not under our control.

It is unwise to be unhappy in circumstances that are not under our control. It is simply a waste of time and regrets for the future”

 Live in Present

Friends, we get 70,000 to 90000 thoughts in a day and our success and failure depend on the quality of our thoughts. According to scientists, 70% to 90% of the time most people wasted thinking of past and futile things.

The past gives us experience and helps to plan for the future, but this does not mean that we should spend our time thinking of the past only.

Friends, we should remain in the present always and make it the best because neither the past nor the future is under our control.

“If we want to be happy and successful, We have to stay in present and enjoy it.

Hard work and focus

It is a universal truth that we can only find success after hard work. Hard work does not mean just physical work, but hard work can be both physical and mental. Experience says that mental work is more valuable than physical work.

Some people make the target too big but do not work hard. Failure makes them change their targets. But, we should change the direction rather than changing our target.

With hard work and dedication, the most difficult task becomes easy. If we want the goal to be attained, then the obstacles to be overcome, and make efforts in the right direction.


Wherever a practical person goes, he fills the environment with happiness, such people are respectable from the point of view of society. Such people behave with gentleness and smiles and are always ready to help. Etiquette is the best beauty without which I limit a person only to himself and society gives him the award named “selfish”.

“When the number of your friends starts increasing, this understand that you have learned the magic of practicality.” A courteous person goes to any area and makes such friends, who are ready to die if he needs it.

-Character is the foundation of practicality and a person without character can never become courteous.

-Character is the shadow of a person and society. The face does not identify a person but his character.        

– Character is formed by moral values, education, and habits. The most important feature of practical people is that they are always ready to help others.

“Words can change the world”

Vani has the power to dissolve the sweetness in the atmosphere and fill it with happiness or spark it to burn. “Words can change the world”

Talking thoughtfully, saying more facts in fewer words. Talking sensibly always, finding good, praising, listening and giving importance to others, being humble, accepting mistakes, etc. are some basic rules of conversation. This makes our enemy friends.

Friends, there is so much power in these rules of life. They can change our lives and will awaken the power to turn our dreams into reality.

And one more thing, …” Always Help the needy, because you know tomorrow you need someone’s help as well.”

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  1. Very guiding blog!!
    A positive and helpful approach

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  2. Wonderful post, filled with positive messages. Life is Life and we would be happy and blessed to live it with faith and wonder. A beautiful day to you and to all.

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  3. Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift, called present. It’s a lovely inspiring piece 👌

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  4. ये ज़िंदगी है, दुबारा नहीं मिलेगा 🌷🙏👍🏻 ऐसा अभी सोच कर अपना मन मत दुखाओ 😞👏
    जैसा भगवान चाहे, वैसा ही होगा 🙏😊 हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ

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