#An Evening at Mela#

जब-जब सीने का दर्द,
उठकर आवाज देता है।
तब-तब पानी इन आंखों को,
एक नया साज देता है।।

Dear friends,

Now I am back in Kolkata and I luckily got an opportunity to visit Handcraft Art mela four days before. Yes, It was Sunday and the best day to enjoy a beautiful evening with family at a beautiful place. It was very convenient for us as well, because the venue was Eco Park, New Town which is not far away from my residence.

It was 7.00 o’clock in the evening and I was driving our Car in the New town area where this mela was going on.

I was surprised to see the huge crowd there. Really, it was a very big exhibition and because of being Sunday, it seems the whole of Kolkata landed there. Ha ha ha.

Since I live in Kolkata and lover of Art and culture, I decided to visit the Handicraft Fair, also known as Hasta Shilpa Mela locally.

In my opinion, we can match nothing up to the collection of handmade apparel, jewelry, decorative fixtures, paintings, vases, and statues, all that beautiful Handicraft items were on display and sell.

I am passionate about collecting crafts items from fairs as that makes me mad after seeing them. I was very curious to see the handicraft from different states available at this fair.

The Directorate of MSME organizes the handicraft fair annually. It is good to see that, they also organize handicraft competitions in each district and Kolkata during the celebration of Handicraft Week to encourage handicraft workers to create more high-quality craftwork.

I was curious after knowing that around 5000 artisans from many districts of West Bengal are being taken part in the fair. Not only that people from Bangladesh and Bihar have also arranged their stalls at this handicraft fair and displayed their own artistry and talents.

Some special attractions At Handicraft Fair, Kolkata:

We found so many specialties from an Art and handcrafting point of view.

  • We were astonished to see Artists from Burdwan had come with beautiful jute, dokra, and woodcarving, while those from Darjeeling were present with white metal jewelry, woolen items, cane, and bamboo furniture, & brass works.
  • Handloom, Baluchari, Khadi, Taant Saree, And Other Apparels. Taant Sarees are the specialty of Bengal. These items were available at a reasonable price. This may be a gift item to share with a loved one.
  • During my hopping at the fair, we had seen a stall where unique decorative lighting on display which were handmade and looked so beautiful.  Really Exquisite and attractive light fixtures of different types and handmade seem aesthetically pleasing and elegant which beautify our home interiors. 

Paintings and Posters :

That was my favorite stall. Yes, Art creates strong emotions in me. It evokes soothing feelings in my mind. Art has the power to lift our spirits, remind us of the past, and motivate us to do better in the future.

We had seen so many unique handmade posters and beautiful paintings from the most skillful artists. It was a very inspiring learning opportunity. I interacted with some of the artists available there.

Colorful Floral Decoration

Decoration makes us feel relaxed and gather a soothing effect on our minds. Hence, a decorated house is one of the most significant places to enjoy life. With the help of decorative items, we can create our house as a place that looks cozy and energizing.

We found vibrant-colored flowers made of sola, cotton, and wood useful to decorate our house. I could not resist purchasing beautiful colored flowers. Really, decoration with colored flowers increased vibrancy and radiance in our home.

Terracotta And Wooden Vases, Statues, Idols, Artefacts

The stall displaying Terracotta and wooden pots was found very attractive. The chevron design on the pot, which the painter colored, That was looking beautiful and displayed their art and emotions.

 Here are some photographs of beautiful decorative statues and idols we have clicked at the fair.

Apart from that, we found some impressive jute-made crafts as shared in the images below.

Folk Musical Instruments

According to Vaastu specialists, musical instruments transmit positive vibes into the home and are thoughtful present. It is well known that they are important for their ability to maintain harmony in all areas of our life.

Being a music lover, this stall attracted me enough to stay some time there and enquired about handmade folk musical instruments displayed there. I am very fond of ektara, and flute, As we know that Bengal is the epitome of music, and so excellent musical instruments were available here.

Attractive Bamboo And Scrap Metal Works:

Reducing waste is an excellent motivation to use scrap metal in mixed media art.  Yes, Scrap metal is an inexpensive source of supplies and ideas for future artworks.

We enjoyed the lovely, attractive designer bamboo and scrap metal works from the local artisan which were on display and sale,

Really, Bamboo items of different shapes and sizes crafted by artisans of West Bengal evoke a classy and elegant look

Snacks In Handicraft Fair:

Friends, Bengal is famous for its different delicious items to taste. And if you are in Kolkata and not try Rasogolla? How it may be possible. Yes, we with family members tried Rosogola and Chat Papdi there and satisfied our taste buds with that Bengali foody items.

Friends, we made our visit a memorable evening at the Handicraft Exhibition in Kolkata which was the perfect entertaining spot for us.

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  1. Love this! I like the Terracotta, bamboo, and flowers too. Looks like a great day!

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  2. Wow, So wonderful and exciting time to visit Mela. What a creative and innovative crafts and artworks are their .

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  3. This is all the same everywhere, as stalls are placed by people from all across India. But despite that, I also can’t restrain myself visiting such melas again and again.

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  4. बहुत सुन्दर कला प्रदर्शन 🌷🙏👍🏻मुबारक हो 👏😍

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