#Armed Forces Flag Day#

Today is the 7th of December, and we observe the day across the country as Armed Forces Flag day.

Real-life superheroes of the Armed forces are honored annually on Flag Day of India. This day allows citizens to take responsibility for looking after disabled servicemen, families, and dependents of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country.


We all know that, in 1949, the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund was established by the committee of the Defence Minister. All the associated welfare funds such as funds for war victims, Kendriya Sainik Board Fund, ex-servicemen’s welfare fund, and other units, were united to make a single Armed Forces Flag Day fund in the year 1993 by the Defense Ministry of India.

The fund collection is managed by the local arms of the Kendriya Sainik Board in India, which is a part of the Ministry of Defense.

 Yes, the primary aim is to collect funds from people for the betterment of the Armed Forces Staff. and observe this day to honor the soldiers, sailors, and airmen of India that have laid down their lives in the country’s service.

The objective:

The main objective of the Armed Forces Flag Day is to collect funds from people for the betterment of the Armed Forces staff just by selling batches, stickers, and other items.

 We also focused the annual celebration to provide rehabilitation to the war victims, resettlement, and well-being of the ex-servicemen personnel. Hence,

We observe armed Forces Flag Day to honor the martyrs and men in uniform who valiantly fought and continue to fight for our country’s honor. The day reinforces the cultural connection between the Indians and the Armed Forces personnel.


I remember the days when we all Bank staff members contribute our one-day salary to their fund and remember their sacrifices for our nation.

Yes, we can contribute to the Armed Forces on Flag Day, by either contributing online or through a cheque or deposit directly to the bank. Apart from that, we can also contribute online at https://ksb.gov.in/DonateAFFDF.htm.

We are safe, happy, and smiling because we have our armed forces taking charge of their duties. Let us salute our Indian armed forces who have always been there to protect us from all threats.

Warm wishes on Indian Armed Forces Flag Day.

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