#A Morning at Happy Place#


Sundar Nursery Garden


Yesterday was Sunday, I had the plan to visit Sundar Nursery and enjoy a beautiful Sunday there.

 Yes, that was my first experience visiting a Nursery Garden in the heart of Delhi. The winter was blessed with a sunny day that made our leisure enjoyable and memorable.

About Sundar Garden

I have heard so many good things about this place. Creating green spaces in urban areas constitutes a significant improvement in the environment’s quality and people’s living conditions. That are true leisure spaces for all ages.

 And they have proved to be catalysts for economic activity and a source of employment, both directly and indirectly, particularly through the services provided for visitors.

According to the history, Sunder Nursery, earlier known as Azim Bagh in Mughal times, and was established in the 20th century to propagate plants for New Delhi. It is located at the southern edge of Lutyens’ New Delhi, in the city’s heart of Delhi.

The nursery occupies an area of 25.66 hectares. and situated immediately to the northwest of Humayun’s Tomb, which is a World Heritage Site.

It has been learned that; they prepared a master plan for this area in 2008 to strengthen nursery functions and blend its heritage, landscape, and ecological assets into a veritable combination of cultural offerings.

They dedicated 20 acres of land within Sunder Nursery to plant propagation and display of a variety of plants by the CPWD,

It is important to have such Places, where children can play and enjoy their leisure time.  Not just for children and young people, but also for parents, caretakers and the wider community such type of space is necessary where children and young people can enjoy spending quality time, be physically active, interact with their natural surroundings, experience change and continuity.

Yes, At Sunder Nursery, we found a well-used and well-loved place to spend memorable time.

We observed that the three components of heritage, productive nursery, and ecological forest have been combined into a viable user experience. This is not only recreational but also speaks something about the history of the city, and is useful for children and people who want to know about it.

It is so designed that heritage, nursery, and forest inter-mingle so beautifully that we felt to be part of one unified experience.

It has so many glimpses that I would like to share with you.

See the arboretum

Sunder Nursery is Delhi’s first arboretum with almost 300 tree species, some of which are the lone species in India. This living collection of trees provides a continuous stretch of dense green cover across Sunder Nursery.

Birds Habitat

Beyond that, it is serving as a prime bird habitat. Over 80 species of birds and 60 species of butterflies have already made this their home. Not only that, several species of the Asiatic bees have made their house.

We are surprised to note that; they are nurturing Bee’s habitats as well.

Bees play an important role in pollinating flowering plants in an ecosystem and helping in propagating those flowering plants.

Nurturing Bees habitats

 As we know, there are nearly 20,000 known species of bees including solitary species such as carpenter bees, leaf-cutter bees, and mason bees.

Social bees such as honeybees, bumblebees, and stingless bees are also there.

However, it is now established that the bee population in India and the world over are under threat with the increase in using pesticides, reducing biodiversity and disappearing habitats.

In such circumstances, Sunder Nursery is engaged in raising awareness on the importance of bees for a healthy ecosystem, creating and nurturing bee habitats.

Yes, this is noble work, that Sunder Nursery is doing through bee boxes and training staff in encouraging and managing bees.

Public Art displays at Sundar Nursery Park :

Sunder Nursery also got the distinction of giving emphasis on Art and cultural activities in the existing areas there. . Yes, Sunder Nursery hosted its first art exhibitions as part of the initiative to encourage artists to participate and put-up art exhibitions in the form of Art Installations, Sculptures and other forms of art display bringing art to the larger audience from various background.

Natural Lifestyle Market

There is an Organic & Natural Lifestyle Market for ‘Weekends and we were lucky to enjoy it there as it was Sunday.

We purchased some of nature’s freshest organic produce & natural products.


Along with that, we had a beautiful morning with a cup of coffee and snacks we catch up with our family and friends.  

Really, that day we enjoyed as our “HAPPY PLACE” amongst the stunningly beautiful environment at Sunder Nursery under the winter sun.

There was the cafe as well, and we ​​enjoyed an amazing breakfast with the whole family amidst beautiful views which made my day memorable.

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  1. Sounds like a splendidly good tour Sir. Good morning and enjoy!

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  2. Really a good place to visit, while in Delhi.

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  3. Still going good Sir! Hope you have a splendid evening.

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  4. Beautiful sir!!
    Achi jagah he yeh

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  5. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. When your post said nursery, I thought of what that means in Scotland/the UK … a garden centre. This place is so inspiring … serving the community, ecological sustainability and conservation and beautiful natural spaces for everyone to hang out in … beautiful

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