#I am still young#

dear friends,

I am 64 years old and going to be 65 soon.. But, I still feel young.

My friends always say, I still look young even at this age.

It sounds good to hear and would like to hear the same comments from friends as always.

That is why I keep taking various measures to look young, whether it is a discipline in a balanced diet or daily exercise. I am following a strict daily routine. 

Yes, my aging never discouraged me, and with every passing year, I am trying to keep my charm and happiness as usual ..

I feel like a lotus that keeps smiling even in the mud.

No matter how unfavorable the circumstances are, I always try to keep myself steady and calm.

It is a universal truth that when a man is born, he sometimes enters childhood, sometimes youth, and in the same way comes old age. Now it depends on us how we experience it. Nature will do its own work. Nothing happens according to our wishes.

That’s why, just as we made childhood joyful, and made youth loving, in the same way, we should try to make our old age joyful by accepting it easily. Yes, we will be unhappy when we resist aging and do not readily accept it.

In fact, we feel more pain if resisting our old age. We should not accept it with self-reproach. People say that feeling old age depends on our mindset.

Yes, we have seen youths of 80 years and also old men of 25 years. All this depends on our approach toward life.

We believe we should follow such a routine that apart from being physically fit, we can also keep our mindset positive.

Yes, friends,

Everyone wants to look young forever. It will be really heartening when People tell us that your old age is not known from your face.

By the way, every human being suffers from some bad habit in his life, which not only harms health but also speeds up the aging process.

In such a situation, you start looking old even at a young age. That’s why such bad habits should be abandoned with immediate effect.

If a person does not keep himself active, then diseases surround him quickly, and he starts moving towards old age rapidly. We must do at least thirty minutes of exercise daily. I am also doing a morning walk every day. I also practice yoga and meditation every day in the morning.

This is necessary to keep the body and mind active and feeling young.

I don’t know about my future. How many days are left for me, God knows.  I just want to live a life with dignity, without compromising my principles and without troubling my children, as far as possible.

I have faith in God and hope that God should give me a dignified death when my time comes.

Stay Fit, Stay Young and Keep smiling.

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13 replies

  1. बुड्ढा तो तन होता है, मन सदा जवां 👍

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  2. You are definitely young sir!!
    Age is just a number, it signifies nothing.
    I know a person, he’s 24, he feels like 90 or something. He has nothing, it’s Just his mind has made him like this.
    We never get old, until we accept it. And we should not accept this silly rule of age. The body, the mind, the spirit have endless possibilities. It should not be limited. We should always push forward, we can achieve endless things.
    64 or 65 is just a number, it means nothing. Let nothing stop you.
    When is your birthday??

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  3. In five years you will definitely consider 65 as a young age😊

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  4. You are indeed young and still going strong. My best wishes for your happy life!

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  5. Hello, I ead your blgs on a regulr basis.
    Your wrkting tyle iss witty, keesp doiing what you’re


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