#I love abstract drawing#

In the modern era,  art is a universal way for people to express themselves and share their feelings with the world.

Yes, Art is a platform for expressing ourselves and living our dreams. It helps us to deal with tough times and create something beautiful out of them. 

I am enjoying art which allows me to express my feelings, emotions, and thoughts in ways that are not always possible in words or actions. Art helps us to better understand how we feel about certain things.

I have read somewhere that Creative Art is one of the wonderful forms which you can try at home and the best option to cope with the present corona situation. You may keep yourself busy with your own creations. You should not bother even if you’re not good at art and craft.


These words acted as fuel for my journey in creative arts. I was fully motivated by this idea. People say that pictures speak itself.

By the way, everyone learns Art and drawing in his childhood. Drawing was my favorite subject and I loved drawing since my school days.

Now, My blog also deals with different categories and I love the category of my “art and drawings” very much. Yes, my journey in Art & drawing started in 2020, particularly during corona pandemic. My focus has been on works that combine pencil drawing and abstract paintings

I am learning abstract drawing as well.

Although abstract drawing is a vast subject and difficult to understand for me as a newcomer. What I read about abstract art is — whether it is painting or drawing — is a type of art that doesn’t depend on real-life visual references. Rather, it uses forms, colors, and lines in ways that can capture a feeling rather than creating a literal likeness.

We can say, Abstract art is an art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect.

In today’s post, I would like to share some abstract drawings as well.  That I had made a few days ago. I know I am not up to mark, still expected your comments that will be helpful in my further practice.

I don’t know exactly, whether or not it is abstract drawing, but enjoying a lot doing this art.  

I am doing different types of drawing and keep exploring a lot more. I wish to fill my entire sketch-book with beautiful sketches. The day will definitely come when our friends after seeing my sketches will say wow, wow.  Let us pray for that.

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19 replies

  1. Very nice work my friend, progressing nicely.

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  2. That drawing of the dancing lady with swirling dress from an overhead point of view is outstanding, well done! You are mastering a broad skillset of styles

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  3. So many beautiful drawings. I agree, the dancer is good, you’ve caught the movement with her skirt. I also loved the gorilla. There’s so much emotion in his face

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  4. Beautiful artwork 👌👌

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  5. Your sketches are incredible, just like you.
    Keep sharing

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