#The City of Destiny#

Good afternoon friends,
There are challenges in everyday life.
\May you find the courage to overcome the challenges.


I am always dreaming of traveling to unknown places because I love traveling and walking toward the unknown. Travelling allows us to really take our time and experience people and that new places. I could not get enough opportunities to visit new places because of the paucity of time during my professional life. Now I am retired and have time to relax and enjoy traveling to unknown locations.

A few months back, I got an opportunity to visit Vishakapatnam, which is called the City of Destiny with my family, especially my Granddaughter. We always enjoy together the sight scene of new places.

Vizag is the capital of Andhra Pradesh dotted with several sea beaches, hence it is called the Jewel of the East Coast.

I had only three days to see the different places there. So, First, we decided to visit Rishikanda beach, which was a lovely place and…

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  1. Very good information .But I don’t know why the Vizag is called the City of Destiny.Amaravati near to Vizag is the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

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  2. I loved reading about your travels and seeing your photos. I look forward to the next one you share with us

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