#Pencil Drawing challenge#

Express clearly without words

I like challenges because it brings instant pleasure and satisfaction.

One day, I challenged myself to create sketches in 5-10 minutes with the help of graphite pencil and pastel color. I purchased one sketch book exclusively for this purpose.

In fact, my drawing consumes so much time daily that affects adversely my blog writing.

Drawing is a meditation

My drawing teacher advised me … If you want to get better at drawing, there’s a simple way to do so, Just start sketching. You will only be going to improve in the drawing if you spent many hours putting pencil to paper. You should practice sketching regularly.

Don’t worry about mistakes

One of the most important things you can do is make mistakes. Don’t worry about the mistakes. It is through the mistakes that you truly help yourself understand how things look better and find ways to fix them.

In the process, you develop your own visual language and sketch in a style that’s unique to your hand.

After finding the motivation and inspiration from my drawing teacher to sketch regularly, I found doing sketches in a short time a bit difficult. Because this is something I struggle with as I am not good at drawing.

I took a challenges

To get rid of this problem, I took drawing challenges in which I have to draw one sketch in 10-15 minutes seeing a photo, and without the use of an eraser. Here are the results in which I took part a day before – ha ha ha . 

To relieve stress
Art is a hobby

I know that it requires more and more practicing sketching daily with dedication and patience.

A great way to boost our sketching skills.

Regardless of your choice, be sure to look to others for inspiration and encouragement—and feel that you can successfully complete the challenge at hand. This is simply a fundamental law. 

A drawing challenge is a great way to boost our sketching skills. That is why, I decided to challenge myself with Pencil chrome drawing and draw 10–15-minute sketches from photos, without using an eraser.

A frame of mind

Friends, honestly speaking, sometimes it takes more time than allotted and I am using an eraser as well. But all these are for a few days only. After that I will stick to my terms, I promise.

 This is a drawing challenge that makes me feel good about how far I am improving day to day.

memories for years

 Sometimes when I find my drawing made a year ago, I use to redraw those drawing using the skill that I have learned since then. The result make me surprised to find the changes in me and  I feel happy with what I have gained since then.

What do you think about my drawing, please comment.

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22 replies

  1. Wonderful sketches, sir. You are amazing👍.

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  2. I actually love your sketches.
    Yes, it may be time consuming, but it’s good that you are enjoying. You should share them regularly on Instagram and here on wp as a seperate blog.

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  3. You’re very talented Vijay. And some these sketches are really good

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  4. अरे वाह! आपसे तो ईर्ष्या हो रही है. मैं स्केच करना सीखना चाहता था. सोचा कि वह मेरे ब्लॉग को नया आयाम देगा. कुछ कुचुर कुचुर उकेरा भी पर काम बना नहीं.
    आपके स्केच तो लाजवाब हैं!
    जय हो 🙏🏼

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  5. Very nice. Please keep it up!

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  6. Beautiful sketches.Practice makes man perfect.Nice blog.

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  7. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    The small steps lead you to the big goal. So take pride in
    everything you accomplish no matter how small is.

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