#World Tourism Day#

Friends, Today is the 27th of September, and we are celebrating World Tourism Day.

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observance on September 27.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political, and economic values worldwide.

The theme for 2022 is ‘Rethinking Tourism’ and it will be highlighting the tourism sector being recognized as an important pillar for development.

As the world returned to normalcy, the urge to travel and explore places has gained momentum among travelers. Every tourist adds importance and value to the tourism sector of that place, which financially helps other communities and the economy at large.

Tourism helps provide employment to millions of people to an extent that few countries are completely dependent on the tourism sector for financial stability.

 On the eve of World Tourism Day, we would like to share my experiences of the tour to Sikkim, which we enjoyed a few months back.

Travel is my Therapy

I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.

As we are facing the corona for the last three years, the Depression rates are on the rise. Our physical and mental health has been badly affected. I am also running in the same boat. But I got an opportunity to visit Gangtok, Sikkim in the previous month.

I think for those who suffer from depression or other mental problems, there is definitely the best way out. Yes, traveling and visiting your favorite destination is the best way to get out of this type of problem.

Travel day – 1

I was unlucky as the flight was not available for Bagdogra due to repairing and maintenance of the airport there. Despite that, I with my family decided to go there by train. That was the best-suited option for us.

To reach the Gangtok, we had to pass through NJP and Siliguri, which is the gateway to North-East states.

There is a hidden message in every place.

This was my first experience when I planned for this trip to Gangtok. I had little idea about the weather and the place to stay. So, I tried to take all reverent information from all likely sources for making my tour enjoyable to the fullest extent.

I started my journey from Kolkata on 22nd April and reached NJY in the next early morning. We had booked a car through the traveling agent and that car was ready to drive me to Gangtok. The distance from Siliguri to Gangtok is about 114 km, but our driver told us that it will take about 6.00 hrs to reach there.

That was an enjoyable trip and I feel refreshed after a long time.

What I feel that I should share my experience of this traveling for the benefit of those who are looking for a pleasant stay at Gangtok. I would like to describe my journeys in a few parts.

I request you all to read all the related posting to get complete friendly information and enjoy the moments with us..

watching nature, we can learn so many things 

We started our journey from NJP at around 7.00 AM. Slowly we passed through the Siliguri town and followed National Highway 31A.  After 30 minutes journey along Sevak Road, we reached the Baag Pool area and saw River Teesta at Sevak.

That was the point from where the hills started. The weather was very pleasant, and we got rid of the scorching heat wave of Kolkata. We were lucky that no rain was there and Sunny mornings helped beautify the scenery view of the forest and hilly area. We were enjoying the beautiful view on the way.

Our driver also happened to be a Guide for us. He said, Sevak Road is the junction point to reach various hill stations like Gangtok, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, etc. We followed the hilly road to Gangtok, watching the deep gorge alongside the road. That was the feeling of an adventurous journey.

At every turn, we could see River Teesta welcoming us with her renewed freshness. After a 20 km journey, we reached Teesta Bazaar. We stopped there for lunch. We enjoyed a delicious lunch there.

We can learn so many things 

After lunch again, we continued our journey to Gangtok. We were enjoying the beautiful views of the hilly terrain. On my left side, there were long trees of Pine are standing and on the right side, River Teesta was flowing that was making our journey enjoyable.

After an hour-long journey, we reached Rangpo. That was the point from which Sikkim State was welcoming us.. We got our security checked there and then the journey continued.

After Rangpo, the next hilly town was Singtam. Here Teesta river was very close to our journey path . We have seen the splendid view of the Teesta River here. There was some construction work of Dam going on.

There is no better place to find yourself ……

After Singtam, we were crossing many hilly small towns like Ranipool, Tadong, etc.

After enjoying the Zig Zag hilly terrain, we finally reached Gangtok around 1.00 PM. We had a hotel booked, and we got checked in there. We were lucky that the road condition and weather were favorable which made our journey memorable.

The hotel was on Tibet Road and found that the location was very good. We were enjoying the beautiful view of nature from my room window. That erased my tiredness and my mind got refreshed.

After taking the required rest, we reached M G Road market. Again, that was a beautiful location to spend our memorable evening.

Listening to its music

I fell in love with the eternal beauty of this place. We found People especially the local cabbies and hotel staff, to be very helpful & friendly. What I feel is that probably at no other tourist place, one can find such nice localities.

I was thinking to visit again this place whenever we get time. That was the first day of our tour and travel. (Continued the journey ahead ).

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  1. Wonderful post! And yes, travel is therapy, entertainment and also a source of gaining knowledge and experience. When one travels and actually gets to know different people along the way, one grows.

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  2. Beautiful description of your journey. I loved looking at your photographs, that glass bridge/walkway must have been inspiring. Thank ypu for sharing

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  3. Lovely!!!
    Much needed blog.
    However, I don’t like going anywhere. Haha

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    Leave foot prints of love & kindness on each step
    of your journey.


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