#Know your Potential#

In those days of my professional career, I always used to spend a substantial amount of time thinking about strategies that might help me achieve greater levels of success.

 Since I was a branch manager, it was a challenge to strive for more impressive performance at all times.

I had to face tough competition and risks and responsibility for our organization.

 What I acknowledged is that success in any profession is often heavily influenced by family, friends, and co-workers. 

Despite all our efforts and achievements, I used to feel a lack of professional satisfaction and a genuine sense of fulfillment. I always felt that I could not use my full potential.


Weakening one’s weakness and strengthening one’s strength is an art, and perfecting this art, is wise living.

Identify your strength

After spending 32 years in my Professional career what I feel that, everyone should be alert to identify one’s weaknesses and strengths. Only then one can capitalize on their strength and performance in a better way. 

Often, one’s strength is not recognized by him. That is why they are not able to perform at their best.

There is simply psychological laziness, which does not help to find what is special within us.

I have heard a beautiful story of an old man who used to sell balloons.   He was selling helium-filled balloons for his livelihood.

His business, like any other, had its ups and downs. Whenever his business was dull, he would release a few balloons of different colors to catch the attention of children.

Once, to bolster his business, he released a few balloons to catch the attention of children playing nearby,

  A boy was watching those balloons of different colors going up in the sky.  

He came to the old man and asked –“If a black balloon is released, will it also goes up as well ?”

  The old man with love told the small boy, “It is not what is outside (color)  which makes the balloon go up but what is inside.

Internal attitude matters

 This is true for everyone. Our internal attitudes, positivity, and alertness make us go up. Do not let anyone stop you in your endeavor.

one can try to stop you only temporarily by making negative comments.

But we can, with the help of inner alertness, peak our strength and soar higher.

Now, I am retired from my professional job but still doing something for my own satisfaction.

Yes, I am blogging, writing poems, and doing painting and art.

I  always wanted to reach my full potential and abilities in any work I am doing.. Although I’ve had success, I don’t think that I’ve created super extraordinary levels of success quite yet, nor do I believe I have tapped into my full potential.

 Other people can judge me, but I should know my true potential and whether I’m living up to it.

Someone said truly that don’t let anyone else judge your success. If you don’t consider it your duty—your obligation—to live up to your potential, then you will live a life far short of what you are capable of.

I want to tell you about four changes I am going to make in me. I hope will make to reach my highest potential in the time to come.

Write down your goals.

First, you set your own goals. Don’t let anybody else tell you what your goals should be. Think of success like breathing air; your last breath is important, but it’s your next breath that’s vital.

Your Goals keep you focused on what’s next, and writing them down keeps you on track.

Choose things just out of reach :

Don’t just think about what is “realistic.” The problem with realistic thinking is that it’s usually based on what others think is possible. They don’t know your potential. Whenever you start a task with a mind toward the potential outcome, you will limit the actions required to accomplish that goal. That is why the goal should be a big one so that we can use our full potential.

Take massive action.

Never do anything normal. Take massive action until one day it is no longer an unusual activity but a habit for you.

People will ask you: “Why are you still doing hard work after your retirement?”  And even question- “What are you on?”

Don’t distract yourself from the negative comments of others. Yes, Big goals require big actions. Reaching your full potential requires massive actions 

Stay consistent in your work.                                                           

As you know How do you get a nail in a wall? Yes, You hit it over and over and over. Likewise, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You should develop the ability to be consistent with your path regardless of setbacks, unexpected events, bad news, and resistance. You should continue firm in your purpose despite odd conditions—this is a trait common to those who make it. Reaching your potential requires you to be consistent.

 How much success have you accumulated in your life? Whatever level you have attained, you can do more. Never limit your potential success and never limit what you will do to create and keep that success.

Remember that highly successful people—in both their professional and personal lives—continue to work, produce and create long after they’ve flourished.

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  1. Excellent excellent

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  2. A very inspiring post Vijay. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Excellent sir. Beautifully written blog💐😊

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  4. SWOT analysis is a must before arriving at a strategy, particularly in a business or profession.

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  5. Excellent. Really noteworthy and worth following💫

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  6. Many transitions in life 🙂

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  7. Great Post Vermavkv. Its definitely important to have an idea of our goals and aspirations and figure out how to work towards them. I am pleased that you also highlighted that these should be our own and that they should push us to realise our potential not what someone else thinks we should be doing. The other thing I liked about your post, and your blog generally, is that it encourages activity after retirement. I think you said in another post, retirement is a new chapter – I’m not there yet but I hope when the time comes that I will embrace the opportunity to explore life and do the things I can’t just now while I’m working.

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    • Very correct dear,
      We feel that after retirement many physical and mental problems start.
      But, if we manage the 2nd inning of our life, it will be a golden period.
      We should have to manage ourselves and use our full potential to live a great life.
      Thanks for sharing your feelings.

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  8. Work is worship.Duty is God.After retirement what a person will do.He will best utilise the time.What you are doing is correct.Above all it is self satisfaction.Nice blog.


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  10. Good post and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is actually the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to get some professional writers? Thx 🙂


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