# Love your Life #

Nurture Positive Relationships.

Sometimes we cry over minor incidents and get unnecessarily angry about silly things. Our mood gets upset frequently.  This is the feeling of our emotional pain. 

Whatever we feel and understand is just the experience of our emotions which is normal in human nature.  However, emotion is not bad for us but it has to be handled tactfully. We have to be Stronger Emotionally in the same way as our physical strength.

Why I am saying this, there is a valid reason. Today when I woke up in the morning, I had a newspaper in my hand.  Sipping my tea, I was just going through casually on the headlines, suddenly my eyes stayed on one news. It was a painful experience to read that news.

Loneliness kills more people

The news was about two incidences where two people kill selves in a day at the same locality,

Mr. Dilip Kumar, A 72 years old senior citizen was staying alone in his two stories house near Howrah. He hung himself from a ceiling fan after leaving a suicidal note. He narrated that he is killing himself because he could not bear loneliness.

In the second incidence, a lady named Ganga Mondal ages 40 also hung herself from a ceiling fan at her home, suffering from the same problem of loneliness.

It is not so easy to control your strong negative emotions. But it is easy to simply react to things happening around you and quickly lose control of your emotions. This is especially true if you are more emotionally vulnerable. This reason may cause sometimes a suicidal attempt.

Be Kind to Yourself

The elderly are at high risk of loneliness

The elderly are at high risk because of loneliness. Research shows that more than 20 percent of people aged over 60 frequently feel intensely lonely.

It is a great concern that loneliness can have a seriously detrimental effect on one’s mental and physical health. Loneliness can be a chronic stress condition in which man can even end up his life.

At some point, we are bound to question whether we are leading our lives in the manner in which we should be led. As we grow and transition through the various phases of life, we invest much time and effort to nurture the relationships around us. we try to maintain our connection as social beings. Yet, somewhere along the way, these relationships end, through misunderstandings, separation by distance, or the so-called generation gap.

It leaves a void in the elderly lives. Such experiences impel us to seek a relationship that is permanent and everlasting so that we are not alone in this world.

All relationships in this world will indeed come to an end one day. The only relationship that outlasts on earth is our relationship with God, the Creator.

At this stage of life, how do we develop our relationship with God?  That is the need of the hour.

We need to first remember who we are? In reality, we are souls, a part of the Divine.  Entangled in the wheel of birth and death, our souls have been yearning to return to the Source. This human birth was given to us so that we can find our way back to God.

Do the best you can

 loneliness  is  manageable :

Yes, The good news is that loneliness is very much manageable. Anyone can become mentally and emotionally stronger. We just need to work on building our confidence and resiliency and learn how to get rid of the bad things that will come to us. We should start slowly, be persistent, build up our stamina, and keep at it.

Goodness is born out of love:

First, we have to create a solid foundation for our life, based on the ethical virtue of truthfulness, humanity, compassion, non-violence, and selfless service. All goodness is born out of love and when we love then peace harmony and joy automatically follow. The truest of all love resides within us.

God loves us very much, yet we do not experience this love because we focus our attention on the attraction and distractions of the outer world.

Cherish your solitude

 Meditation is helpful :

Meditation is the best way to withdraw our attention from worldly things and focus it within. We can experience the bliss and joy of God’s love. When we do meditation, my mind attains calmness. we start loving ourselves.

Gradually, we progress on the inner journey until our soul merges back in its sources, reuniting with the divine.

Once we experienced this love, we become aware of the divine presence in our life. Fear and anxiety vanish and we no longer feel alone. Living in god’s sweet will, we begin to lead our lives loving and calmly, always in the company of our friends.

God has not forsaken us. it is we who have forgotten God, and it is up to us to take steps to remember him. This happens as we take the time to sit in meditation daily.

Life is short, break the rules,

If loneliness is something you struggle with, it’s important to question yourself, why you feel lonely and consider working on a strategy to deal with the problem.

When you choose to handle your loneliness and read the under-noted quote, you will never feel alone.

Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone to experience, appreciate, and love yourself.” —Robert Tew

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  1. सही बात है। धन्यवाद 👍

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  2. Good Morning Sir! And a great post with a great message for the day and for every day! All the best!

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  3. Sending you lots of love and positivity ☀️.
    A beautiful share

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  4. Such an important and serious issue that is felt/experienced around the world. You are right, it is so painful for people of all ages, but sad to see it in the elderly. My mother-in-law is in her late 80s and suffers enormously. But what I take from your message is also that people need to help themselves too. We try to encourage her to go out, to socialise, get involved in activities but I think now she has also lost confidence and so will not leave the comfort of her home where she lives alone, and waits for people to visit her. Its so sad that her decisions are contributing to her loneliness.

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  5. There’s a passage in the bible in which Paul shared when they were in Asia, and things were so difficult they became weary even of living. He shared this was done (or allowed) so that they would rely and trust in God Who could get them through everything. It was a reminder to trust our Father above: in all things 🙂

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    Don’t Go through life, Grow through life.
    Life is a one-time offer, use it well.


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