#Spread Your Wings#

Courage is the most important of all the virtues,
because, without courage, you can’t practice
any other virtue consistently.” ―Maya Angelou


Dear friends,

I am Vijay Kumar Verma, a retired Banker, but a genuine lover of reading and passionate about my Blogging.

I have kept so many hobbies from my childhood. I love to play the mouth–organ, listen to classical music, and write poems whenever I get time.

During my professional life as Banker, all of my hobbies were fading because of the paucity of time. After retirement, I had enough time to enjoy my old hobbies.

One day I decided to explore other qualities in me and generated so many new hobbies such as gardening, painting, traveling, and swimming. I am spending so much time on my hobbies and enjoying my retired life.

I was also reading blogs of my online friends and was curious about writing my blog as well.

At the advice of my friends, finally I pursued my passion for Blog writing. Although I was not prolific…

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  1. It’s really inspiring that we can restart are journey from any point of time.

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