#Stay focused to enjoy life#

I am trying to stay focused

Sometimes it happens while sitting at my desk for writing an urgent article for my blog, but I feel that my mind has gone wandering. Despite my best efforts, things are not progressing.

 It means I am unable to concentrate and needed to focus on the task in front of me.

In today’s digital world, we are easily distracted. Information is everywhere, and we feel the need to deal with increasing and multiple forms of information. It drags on our time and our attention as well.

The inability to concentrate on the task at hand is one of the maladies of our time.

In such a situation, everyone would like to know how to focus better, and how to concentrate?

Yes, there are so many ways for improving concentration and focus which will make an issue worth addressing.

Someone said that concentration is the ability to direct one’s attention following one’s will. Concentration means control of attention. It is the need to focus the mind on one subject that we are doing. and at the same time, every other unrelated thought and feeling must be excluded from the mind.

Our daily routine is such that we are somewhat addicted to switching in and out of our mobile phones and computer. We are getting a constant influx of messages from WhatsApp, email, Facebook, and the half-dozen other apps that are somehow critical to our job as well.

 We are constantly searching for information on the internet to help solve our daily problems.

All this digital equipment makes distractions that badly affect our productivity.

 It also affects our memory. We forget things or can’t recall information promptly which affects our personal life and professional image as well.

There are some tips to improve focus :

I like to stay busy

Avoid multitasking:

We should avoid multitasking. we generally listen to a podcast while responding to an email and sometimes talk to someone over the phone while writing our important assignment. Such multitasking not only hampers our ability to focus but compromises our work quality.

Yes, working on one thing at a time may improve work quality and attention span,

We should keep our mobile at a distance while writing an important article. This will help in focusing on our work. Someone said, working at 90 minutes intervals followed by a 20-minute break maximizes our productivity. I am now sticking to this rule.

Eliminate distractions.

How do we focus better if we are always bombarded with information?

Some distractions can be unavoidable but others are self-imposed. We are having our mobile phones most of the time at our desks which makes us distracted by the influx of notification tones and messages while working on serious assignments. We should make practice blocking time in our schedule to do a specific task.

During this time, we should set our phone on silent mode or keep it in a drawer. We may choose a place where others are unlikely to disturb us, maybe a library, a coffee shop, or a private room.

Various researchers found that cognitive capacity was significantly better when the phone was out of sight.

It is therefore imperative to just turned off the mobile and Keep our primary focus on the work to be completed. 

  Yes, shutting off both internal and external disturbances can help to focus on our work in a better way..

Stay in the moment to enjoy life

Try to focus on the moment.

Whenever It feels unable to concentrate on work, we should remember that we have to choose where to focus.

It’s tough to concentrate when our mind is always in the past and worrying about the future. While it is a bit difficult, even then we will have to make an effort to let go of past events. We should also acknowledge our concerns about the future and try to let them go.

We should have to train our mental resources to focus on the details of what matters at the moment. Our minds go in the direction we choose to focus.

I like to be organized

Know what is important :

We should not give priority to the urgent over the important. We should prioritize our work according to its importance.

Yes, It is better to start the day by arranging our responsibility in order of importance of work and considering their impact on our life. We should fix a certain time for each work and try to complete it in the set time.

 It helps in the completion of work on time and develops self-discipline and self-regulation as well.

I feel really good because of the Meditation

Practice self-care;

Self-care is of prime importance in maintaining our physical and mental health. We should not forget to restore our mental peace and physical health through regular exercise and meditation.

Yes, it helps to stay in the present moment always. It boosts our energy and helps us to have deep sleep and develops self-confidence as well. The ultimate benefit we get is maintaining our focus and concentration.


Learning how to improve concentration is not something you can achieve overnight. As we know, Professional athletes, sprinters, and gymnasts take plenty of time to practice every day so that they can concentrate and get the right move at the right moment to achieve excellence.

The first step to strengthening concentration and focus is to recognize how it is affecting our life.

In the present digital world and because of other external factors, It is very difficult to stay focused and maintain concentration.

It is time to constantly sidetrack the unimportant work and move toward our aspirations. Learning how to concentrate at work is essential for achieving our goals in life.

By improving our concentration, we can accomplish more of what we value and feel better doing it. It’s not just about accomplishing tasks but about doing work with feelings of happiness and joy so that we can achieve a meaningful and satisfying life.
Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals

Follow your deepest dream

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  1. Very good advise Sir! Staying focused is very important in life. Good morning and I hope you have a wonderful and productive day!

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  2. You are terrific when it comes to interesting topics.
    I really love your work.
    I get many ideas while reading your blogs.
    Yes, phone is a huge distraction. I generally get distracted in the morning. Which, I should really avoid. In morning I get good peace. Sometimes, I check phone. Which is really bad. I generally spend time reading book in morning.
    A great share sir.

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  3. All the points mentioned in blog are correct and self-disciplined.Nice

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