#Sometimes Boredom is Good#

Good afternoon friends,
I do not try to dance better than anyone else.
I only try to dance better than myself.”


Yes, sometimes boredom is good when it enters our life. Someone said that — Boredom is a transitional state, which is helpful in moving to the next stage of our personal growth. If you understand its wisdom, you can use it as fuel for your creativity.

Most of us will have experienced boredom at some point in our lives. The cause is simply a lack of motivation.

I also experienced boredom when I retired from the Bank service. It was so destructive in my case, that developing a feeling of apathy within, which resulted in disconnection with family and friends for some time.

After my retirement, I wanted more excitement in my life, to feel alive again. But my life was sedentary with no assigned work. Everything was so dull and tedious, that I was unable to continue with anything.

The suffering of boredom came because I did not understand…

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  1. When I first retired, I could not figure out what to do that didn’t involve my computer. I did freelance writing for awhile. Now I have too many artistic hobbies, but it keeps my mind growing, and as you said it is a form of meditation really. I lose track of time when I paint.

    I don’t understand abstract art yet.

    I enjoy seeing your drawings and reading your thoughts about art.

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