#Sometimes Boredom is Good#

Yes,  sometimes boredom is good when it enters our life. Someone said that — Boredom is a transitional state, which is helpful in moving to the next stage of our personal growth. If you understand its wisdom, you can use it as fuel for your creativity.

Most of us will have experienced boredom at some point in our lives. The cause is simply a lack of motivation. 

I also experienced boredom when I retired from the Bank service. It was so destructive in my case, that developing a feeling of apathy within, which resulted in disconnection with family and friends for some time.

 After my retirement, I wanted more excitement in my life, to feel alive again. But my life was sedentary with no assigned work. Everything was so dull and tedious, that I was unable to continue with anything. 

The suffering of boredom came because I did not understand the truth of impermanence, that everything in the universe changes and nothing in your life is permanent.

But, it’s not all bad. As human beings, most of us don’t enjoy being unoccupied. We should do something to avoid boredom, and this motivation has played a major driver in developing my hibernated hobbies.

Our curiosity, together with a desire for purposeful life has led us to discover new skills, and create new hobbies. 

This isn’t the only benefit of boredom either. “Creativity takes courage.” Yes, an idea came to my mind, I should again invest my time in drawing & creative art.

I bought a sketchbook, a pencil, and new colors and a canvas to start the journey of my happiness. 

Creativity is my Passion

I vowed to identify myself with my work, and my creative passion.

We read somewhere that developing yourself through art is a lifelong journey of personal discovery and self-expression. It provides meaning and purpose to our life.

I want to be an innovative artist who is not motivated by money but focused on the joy of creating. The important thing to understand is that creativity carries the seed of our happiness. 

 It is just something for me as a productive form of meditation that will never produce boredom.

I am now finally get out of my boredom and enjoying with so many hobbies like swimming. Gardening , Blogging and above all engaged in drawing & creative art.

However, I am not getting enough time now to practice my drawings.   I have to spend a lot of time writing blogs. Sufficient time is also spent following my daily schedule which includes a morning walk, daily swimming practice, and playing a game of TT in the evening for my fitness.

I steal the Time

Moreover, I have to spend time on domestic work and visiting the local market for vegetable and grocery items.

I find it difficult to get sufficient time for drawing which keeps me desperate.Despite all these hurdles, I steal the time from my busy schedule to keep alive this passion.

I have done lots of practice through pencil drawing; I still do that.  But, I love abstract drawing as well.

Enjoying abstract drawing

Although abstract drawing is a vast subject and difficult to understand for me as a newcomer. What I read about abstract art is — whether it is painting or drawing — is a type of art that doesn’t depend on real-life visual references. Rather, it uses forms, colors, and lines in ways that can capture a feeling rather than creating a literal likeness.

In today’s post, I would like to share some abstract drawings as well.  That I had made a few days ago. I know I am not up to mark in drawing, still expected your comments that will be helpful in my further practice.

I don’t know exactly, whether it is abstract drawing, but enjoying a lot doing this form of art.  

I am doing everything for improving my skill.  I feel it is a great way to channel my boredom into something that is helpful in creating an artist in me. Yes, Boredom is sometimes Good to explore the positivity of life.

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  1. So true, boredom can be creative too.

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  2. Keep enjoying dear sir
    And please keep sharing

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  3. Boredom is different.If you feel I am bored, definitely boredom applies.Nice blog that you have expressed your work to minimise boredom. We are also enjoying your blog to kill our boredom.

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Good afternoon friends,
    I do not try to dance better than anyone else.
    I only try to dance better than myself.”


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