#Fitness is key to happiness#

Good afternoon friends.
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”



Exercise improves mood and boosts happinessin several ways including increased serotonin production, decreased stress hormones, and prolonged lifespan. Even just 10 minutes of exercise is helpful for a quick boost in your physical and mental health,

Today, when I was doing a morning walk in the park, a discussion broke out among our elderly friends about who is looking so fit.

Although there is a rare possibility that we are free from any disease in this old age.we all keep looking for ways to keep ourselves fit.

Along with the morning walk, we do exercise, yoga, and other activities like swimming and other sports that suits us.

One of my friends then asked – what are the criteria which determine our fitness level..

I remembered one article posted by one of my blogger friends on fitness criteria.  They mentioned four parameters that can be helpful to determine our fitness…

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  1. Yes! Fitness is the key to happiness, without a doubt Sir! A great and inspiring post!

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