Gym Ball for my Fitness

You would not find happiness in the approval of others,
nor in the opinion of the world. It is waiting within
your heart, to be claimed forever.



As you know that I am doing so many exercises for my fitness, including Morning walk, Yoga, swimming, playing TT, etc.

One more new item has been added recently, that is called Gym Ball or physio-ball.

One day, while visiting Gymnasium in our society, I had seen a unique item, i.e. Physio- ball for doing exercise. I was very excited to know about that.

My trainer had said.. this is an exercise ball called physio-ball. That can add some fun and variety to our fitness routine.

Looking to the ball. I remembered those childhood days, how it was so much fun.

That was a simple round object that opportune immense activity and joy in our childhood.

we can still have that childish fun here along with the benefit of shaping our fitness with this Gym ball..

Actually, a gym ball is a large fitness ball that can be used…

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  1. It seems fun and i think you really enjoyed. Good for your health as well. I’m surprised that you are taking good care of your health at this age as well.
    Don’t mind bc generally people don’t focus on their fitness by time but happy that you are not one of them and doing such activities and keeping yourself fit and healthy.
    Keep sharing. 😊

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