# A Tribute: One Rupee Doctor #

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I have started one new category in my Blog titled AAJ MAINE PADHA (I read today) along with my present 7 categories such as Life Style, motivation, Story, Poetry, Infotainment, Me & my art, and Sansmaran (Memoir).

Whenever I read something special that touches my heart, I want to share it with you all. Today I found such a story.

Yes, I have read about such a great man. By profession, he was a doctor. People respect him like God and called him One Rupee Doctor , because he was known for treating patients for nearly 60 years at Re 1 per visit,

It is a fact that in the field of the medical profession doctors are changing hefty fees from the patients. In the midst of today’s expensive medical treatment, giving a medical treatment by a doctor for a fee of one rupee seems like a dream.


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  1. Wow in this commercial medical field it’s so touching 💖 to listen about such great passionate selfless servers. Great soul. 🙏🙏💐

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