my passion for drawing

The best things in life are, the people you love,
the places you have been and the memories you have.


Dear friends,

We are celebrating those endeavors of making my 1,000th sketch today. I am doing hard work to pursue my passion for drawing. Yes, this hobby gives me so much inspiration and joy and helps me further my artistic pursuits.

I feel happy to post my sketches here from time to time and find your words of appreciation as well. Your words motivate me always.

for this kindness,I shall ever remain grateful to all my lovely readers, and who are currently reading this blog.

I am not good at drawing but I know that good things come with time, so today I have made the 1,000th sketch in my sketch-book. It is not possible to let you show all of my drawings but I am sharing some of my sketches here.

Can you suggest to me how I can improve my skill, I am eagerly waiting for your words…

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9 replies

  1. 1000 sketch!!! Congratulations. The look wonderful.

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  2. I like your sketches; as one who cannot draw any advice from me would be misleading and presumptuous; go ahead, be individual in your sketches —

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  3. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Stay connected, Stay happy.


  4. Mast sketches he!! 👌🏻👌🏻

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