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Stay positive, Work hard and Make it happen.

Hello dear friends,

This Is Me”.  It is all about me.

I feel happy being proud of who am I ? I am accepting myself with all my deformities and weakness.

But What is my identity? This is a pertinent question before me.

Am I a Bihari because I was born in Bihar?

Or, am I a faithful husband, a responsible father, a Hindu, or a retired banker?

No, it can’t be my identity. I want to make my own identity.

Yes, I will have my own identity… my thoughts, my behaviors, and my actions.

My efforts are on… I talk to myself every day. Because I feel that I am not much aware of myself,

That’s why I am searching for my identity on the pretext of writing something.

I am what I am,

You know little about me, perhaps.

I am Vijay Kumar Verma, influencer, content writer, storyteller, poet, and blogger. You can say anything to me. I love to blog about motivational stories, lifestyles, Poems, and Arts. I welcome everyone to my blog and want to be part of your blog community.

Don’t judge me by the wrinkles on my face, by my weak body, and by looking at my sad eyes.

I still have passion, and enthusiasm, and have life experiences. I want to live my life on my own terms. That’s why even at 64, I swim every day, play TT with young people, and beat them in the game. It brings enthusiasm and happiness to me.

yes, I love myself even when there’s nobody else around me who loves me back.

Today, I just came across surprising facts about life. There is a beautiful story that I want to share with you all.

Once upon a time, there lived a great king. He had learned a lot about Buddha. Sometimes he wanted to meet Buddha. His wife had been a disciple of Buddha for a long time even before she was married to the king.

One-day Buddha came to the king’s capital. His wife said to him, it does not look right that when a man like Buddha comes to your capital, you would not even go to welcome him. Therefore, I am going to see him.

I do not dream about success. I work for it.

When I meet him, he will definitely ask about you. What should be saying to them? You should also go and see him.

King thought for a moment and said – ok, I will also come to welcome him to our kingdom. But I am meeting him for the first time. I would like to give him some presents.

King thought for a moment then proudly said – I have a precious diamond, no one else has that kind of diamond. If I present it as a gift then Buddha will definitely appreciate it.

Wife started laughing and said rather than a diamond, it would be better if you take just a fresh lotus flower from a pond. I have known Buddha and following him for a long time. Therefore, I know that for Buddha lotus flower is more beautiful than a diamond.

Buddha is an enlightened monk, what will he do with diamonds. it will be an unnecessary burden.

The king replied— ok, if that is the case, then I will take both diamond and lotus flower, and let us see what Buddha will take and who wins. King proudly said and smiled.

When Life puts you in tough situations, Keep smiling .

The next morning, they went to Buddha. Buddha was going to start his morning talks surrounded by thousands of monks who were waiting to listen to him. Just then King came on his golden chariot to the commune of Buddha.

King stepped out of his chariot and walked toward Buddha. With him, he was carrying a gift for Buddha. He bowed down to Buddha and offered him the diamond.

Buddha said – drop it.

King knew that diamond was precious, and it was very difficult for him to drop such precious diamond.

Buddha again said – drop it.

King hesitated, but thousands of monks surrounded him. And they were listening to those words. He had no other choice but to drop the diamond.

So, the king dropped the diamond. Then king offered the lotus to Buddha.

Again, Buddha said – drop it. King thought – is this man crazy ?

Everything I present him, he tells me to drop it, but he had no other choice but to drop the lotus flower too.

Buddha again said – drop it.

King replied — Both my hands are empty now. What do you want me to drop now?

Buddha again said – drop it.

Self-discipline makes all things possible.

Now the king got annoyed. His ego of being a king was aroused.

He said to Buddha – what are you asking me to drop now? See, I have nothing left in my hand now.

Buddha smiled and said—my dear friend, I am not asking you to drop any substance. I am asking you to drop your personality; I am asking you to drop your ego. Drop that you are a king. Drop that mask of being a king.

Because through that mask, it is impossible for me to approach you. Here nobody is emperor, nobody is beggar, here everybody is himself. Just be yourself. Just be part of the existence.

King never thought like that. A great silence spread there for a while. King went into deep thought. He felt something and then fell at the feet of Buddha.

Now Buddha said – that is what I have been telling you. Just drop it.

Develop success from failures

Friends, We see this in our life as well. We all are wearing a mask, the mask of name, the mask of designation, and the mask of identity that society has given us.

We spend our whole life wearing that mask. We have forgotten our real selves and no one is to tell us the truth about our real entity and our real self.  We need a great master like Buddha to see the right path.  

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  1. Vijay Kumar, you are an amazing teacher, both with words and images. Your photos always positive show your smiling face demonstrating to us that you are very happy and content with your spiritual and material life. Success must be looked for and worked, not just thought about. You’re very right about that and about all the things you’ve mentioned. It is a pleasure to read your blog. Thank you! Have a great day and all the best!

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  2. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Don’t go through life, grow through life.
    Life is a one-time offer, use it well.


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