An Evening in Wax Museum

If you learn self control,
you can master anything.



This is a fact that sometimes we experience moments of joy in our life which become memorable.

Yes, I got an opportunity to visit Wax Museum a week before and acquainted myself with such a beautiful experience.

I was just wandering with my family in the evening to look for a unique place where we can enjoy the evening. My car stopped at the gate of Mother’s Wax Museum.

My son had suggested to have a visit to Wax museum located at New Town area, which was not far away from my place of stay.

Finally, we had decided to enjoy this evening with my family at that place..

Mother’s Wax Museum is a wax museum located in New Town, Kolkata. This is situated on the 5th and 6th floors of the West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation building. We have been informed that the museum has been established…

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  1. Such a wonderful experience ❤️

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