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Today’s morning was special for me. It was 6 o’clock in the morning, but still I was sleeping because I had gone to bed very late at night. But suddenly a lot of pigeons came at the window and started making noise .

Actually, I give food and water to the pigeons in the morning and it is time for their feed. That’s why I had to leave the bed unwillingly. After serving food to the birds, I had to leave the house for my morning walk .

It was about  7 o’clock in the morning. As soon as I reached the park, suddenly the rain started soaking my body. My mind, too, was appeasing.

Yes, there was a pleasant experience of the first rain of the monsoon.

This rain was very much needed to get rid of the scorching heat.

That’s why I feel thrilled seeing the rain. To keep safe from rainwater, I went under the cover of a tree. There were yellow flowers blooming on the tree, presenting an exquisite sight.

After a while, the rain stopped. I saw a very old person . He was looking weak because of old age, still walking gracefully in the same park with the help of his stick.

I have an emotional attachment with the elders. So, I just came near him and said — hello Sir, How are you ?

With a sweet smile, he replied, — I am fine, dear, what about you?

We were walking together now. They introduce himself and said — I am Nemi Chand and I am 106 years old now. It was a matter of surprise for me, as he was still walking alone with their stick with smile on their face.

I had asked about the secret of their long life. After covering some distance on foot, he asked me to sit on the bench there.

After sharing some experienced of their life, he told me that when I look at the people of today; I find they are leading a very stressful life. They have workload due to which they have become stressed and cannot enjoy their normal life.. Timely sleeping and waking are also not according to the need of their body. All these are reason most of them suffering from one or more disease.

 Our era was not like this. I lead a disciplined life and take special care of my health. He shared some information about how we keep ourselves healthy .  I would like to share that.

Drinking enough water

They told that — I drink a glass of water when I wake up in the morning . Sometimes I also put honey in lukewarm water. We should keep drinking pure water from time to time according to the need of our body. Sometimes, I also drink coconut water.

Do regular morning walk

He has made morning walk a habit of his life. Even there is a raining today, I had to come for a morning walk as per the habit. Apart from this, do some exercise too. I still do yoga and meditation . It helps me a lot in keeping our body healthy.

Morning breakfast

The first meal of the day, i.e. breakfast, should never be skipped, no matter how busy you are. Morning breakfast should be heavy. The meal during the day should be a little light and at night it should be very little so that the food is easy to digest. The second thing is that we should always to enjoy home cooked food and should be on time.. Avoid hotels and junk food.

keep your body’s immunity strong

Apart from your balance diet, keep taking essential vitamins and healthy supplement to keep our immunity strong. It helps in fighting against disease. In today’s corona environment, it is even more important to pay attention to your health. I have even got the vaccine done in time.

Proper rest is necessary

Our body is like a machine which needs rest from time to time. Gold is very important for our health. I go to sleep exactly at 10 pm and leave the bed at five in the morning. I need to get seven hours of sleep. That’s why it is important to sleep on time and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Learn to be happy always

When we are under stress or sad all the time, it invites many diseases. Mental stress is the cause of most of our diseases. Therefore, efforts should be made that the mind remains free of stress and happy. Enjoy   the surrounding with  positive thinking people that gives you positive vibes.

 You can keep your mind happy by listening to motivational videos and jokes.

Schedule a routine

To stay healthy, it is important to make a schedule of the work of your day and follow it regularly. No matter how busy life is, structure your routine in such a way that healthy habits are maintained. If we balance all our work according to the physical capacity, then there will be no extra pressure on the body and our body will be healthy and stress free.

Learn to be happy always

When we are under stress or sad, it invites many diseases. Mental stress is the cause of most of our diseases. Therefore, efforts should be made that the mind remains happy and the surrounding environment should be positive. You can stay in the group of positive thinking people. You can keep your mind happy by listening to motivational videos and jokes.

While the conversation was still on,   drizzling again started   from the clouds and we bowed down to him and asked for permission to walk away.

 And yes, in the end, there was a desire to take a selfie with him and he agreed for it .

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  1. Motivational experience with the senior citizen. From Their life style we should learn to lead a better life. 👌✌️💐🤗

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  2. Very useful and informative .

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  3. The old man is an inspiration for us.Many things we learnt from the old man.First faith on God.Second Health is wealth. Third Yoga.

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    Only when you do not know yourself,
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