Journey through Art

Black line :

the black line in the main thought behind the drawing. the black line is the force that allow the creative process to form and develop a work of art…

the black line is the power of the illustration. it holds the composition togather and allow you to express ideas, emotions and thought.


A way of approaching the subject and composition of a painting where the main intent is to expose and exaggerate the idea of the subject matter so that the inner feelings of the artist become the primal visual force in the vpainting. No link with natural reality is necessary.

The Art

Art is…the manifestation of the human condition …

Art is a creative process…

Art is a decorative approach…

Art is a way or mode of doing things…

Art is a philosophy..

One of my close friends has asked me to how I do so many works for skill development despite the paucity of time.

Learning from mentors helps me to improve and strengthen in my developing my skill of choice.  I still recall the advice given to me by my friend Kishori Raman at the start of my writing journey. I made him my mentor, and he is always available to guide me in writing , whether it is poems, stories and other write up .

Likewise, my drawing teacher Rahul Majumdar Sir supposes to be my mentor and they help me from time to time in developing my drawing and painting skill.

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  1. Você também é Arte! Parabéns 👏👏👏

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  2. If you have will,there is way. Learning is a good habit and never ending process. Art,Drawings , paintings photography and writing are good habit. Nice articles.

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    Plenty of people miss their share of happiness not because
    they never found it, but they didn’t stop to enjoy it.


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