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There are many life lessons which we can learn whenever we follow tourism. The strongest lesson we can learn from traveling on the highways of our great nation is that —  The highway of life can’t always be straight and smooth. There must be hills, there must be rough spots, and there must be occasional detours. 

 We have all had the experience of traveling along a beautiful highway and suddenly being confronted with a large sign saying, “Highway Closed. We get irritated and frustrated. But then, by following the detour signs, we are brought again to the smooth highway.  Life is very much like that.

Perhaps for months or years we go along and encounter very little trouble, but suddenly we are confronted with a detour. It may be one of sorrow, of loneliness, of illness or of grave disappointments. But we have to move ahead in anticipation of a smooth road ahead. That is the secret of happy life .

It was evening by the time we reached Gangtok from Siliguri on the first day of our trip, so we spent the evening time enjoying the beautiful sight-seeing of MG Marg.

On next morning, we had a trip to the snowy hills near Nathula Pass in the morning on the second day. That was an amazing place, and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

We had shared the memories of that journey in our earlier blog . However, the link of which is given below for ready reference. Please visit the blog by clicking on the link below.

As per our itinerary , we had to proceed for Pelling on the 3rd day. But because of heavy rainfall, there was land – slide and road was blocked for the time being. Looking at the situation, there was some modification made of our third day tour program. Yes, all of us decided to use the day enjoying with the local sight scene.

Accordingly, after having breakfast, we were ready to explore the new attractions in the vicinity of Gangtok.  And our first destination was the Flower Exhibition Centre.

Flower Exhibition Centre..

Flower Exhibition Center at Gangtok was an amazing place for us. Being an agriculture graduate, I had studied the floriculture in our college life. It is a matter of 40 years back and that day I refreshed my old memories to see different varieties of colorful flowers and remembering their scientific name.

After once we stepped in, we were lost in a world of a variety of colors. Flowers popped up in every nook and corner. We kept our smiling with those beautiful flowers.

That Flower Exhibition Center is the showcases of the collection of flowers from different parts of Sikkim. They also showcased here some of the rarest types of flowers. Though, it is not a big center, but it has lots of vibrant flowers which were treating our eyes and soothing our mind.

This center has different types of orchids too. Our tour Guide had told us that, once in a year the management arranges grand flower exhibition show and many people around the country visit this center.

We had enjoyed the moments, taking selfies with those flowers and making a video shoot for our memoir. Our next attraction was Ganesh Tok

Ganesh Tök

I am a devotee of Bhagwan Ganesha, so It was necessary for me to go to that temple and worship Lord Ganesha.

Ganesh Tök is a small temple but situated on top of a hill with an amazing view of nature and mountains. This is a quaint place that has mind-stirring views. Our guide mentioned that we can see the Kanchenjunga hill in its true form of glory from here in the early morning. But we were deprived of those moments because of our late arrival here.

 Ganesh Tök’s viewpoint, situated at an altitude of 6500 ft, was presenting stunning views of the mountains dusted with snow. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, however; the temple is so small that only one person can perform worship comfortably at a time.

I found this place, which takes me a step closer to the nature with its surreal surroundings and comforting ambience.

 They tied colourful flags across the stairs, making it stand out. We entered the temple after taking out shoes at a designated place outside and washed our hand in the tap available there. Our mind was full of spirituality. 

 There was also a lounge and a balcony in front of the temple, which is the major attraction of the place. The serene Ganesh Tök is surrounded by hills, landscape, and beautiful mountains.

We have enjoyed the place with full enthusiasm and capture those beautiful moments in our camera .  After an hour stay, we finally departed for next attraction after taking the permission from lord Ganesha and requesting him to call us here again.

Now, our next destination was Hanuman Tök

Hanuman Tök

Hanuman Tok, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is situated at some distance from Ganesh Tok and at an altitude of 7200 feet .

It offers an amazing view of the Kanchenjunga range. The temple has a religious significance attached to it and offers a peaceful surrounding there at .

 It is widely believed that Lord Hanuman rested here briefly when he was carrying Sanjeevani to Lanka.

 The temple falls into the care of the Indian Army, which has maintained it very well.

we were feeling the spirituality in our mind because of the ongoing millefleurs religious music in the temple.

 The surroundings of the temple also open up the mesmerizing views of the bordering valleys and mountains.

The glorious sight of the place left us speechless. We felt that the serenity of Hanuman Tok makes it a perfect spot for us to relax, meditate and get all charged up.

This place is known for fulfilling the wishes of its devotees.  We worshipped there in the temple with the chanting of Jay Shree Ram..

What I feel is that Hanuman Tok should definitely be visited at least once in a year to experience its beauty and break away from our monotonous routine.

It is a perfect place for all nature lovers. I have captured the moments in our camera for memoirs.

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  1. Agree with all your points. Beautiful pics sir

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  2. Sikkim is a small state but Gangtok is center of attraction for the tourist. Very good narration with reference to mythology.

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