# Budding Photographer#-8

Depth of friendship does not depend
on length of acquaintance.. Stay connected…Stay happy.


Anyone can love a Rose, but it takes a lot to love a Leaf.

It is ordinary to love beautiful, but it is beautiful to love the Ordinary.

Hello Dear friends

I love the green colour. The most obvious reason, I am so in love with green is the association with nature .

Because Green gives us the feeling of being closer with nature. The greenery spread through lovely trees and plants that come with, such boosting our mood and soothing our stress.

Natural habitat is nature

As I am older now, I realize that people’s natural habitat is nature, not the office, not the couch, not the indoor gym. Nature spread green colour that is all about the feeling of calm and happiness.

I availed an opportunity a week before when I visited and spend a few hours in a forest, during an excursion program to Gangtok…

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