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Anyone can love a Rose, but it takes a lot to love a Leaf.

It is ordinary to love beautiful, but it is beautiful to love the Ordinary.

Hello Dear friends

I love the green colour. The most obvious reason, I am so in love with green is the association with nature .

 Because Green gives us the feeling of being closer with nature. The greenery spread through lovely trees and plants that come with, such boosting our mood and soothing our stress.

Natural habitat is nature

As I am older now, I realize that people’s natural habitat is nature, not the office, not the couch, not the indoor gym. Nature spread green colour that is all about the feeling of calm and happiness.

I availed an opportunity a week before when I visited and spend a few hours in a forest, during an excursion program to Gangtok. There only, I enjoyed beautiful nature, felt fresher and more alive.

What green is to me is, it boosts a sense of peace, calm and serenity.,

I like green because I live in a world where there is a lack of it. The greenery is shrinking day by day .

I am not an Artist
  • There are various shades and distinct tones of green, but I like to use light green shades in my art of drawing . That I used to enjoy a lot.
  • I always try to use green colour, a must while doing my painting along with the combination of other colours.
  • I meditate while thinking about the colour green sitting in the park., because technically green is the colour of life.. more like the root of life. I crave for greenery .

Whenever I feel depressed, I want to stay in the park where greenery is available all around.. I am very much enjoying my Gardening hobby and used to develop green plants on the terrace.

It might wonder you, why I am so drawn to the colour green.

It can control anxiety & depression

Well, there are actually a few scientific reasons as well.

●      The connection that you have with green is a lot more primitive than you might have realized. That plants and tree are green, further contributes to how we associate it life. What could we love more than that which is pumping oxygen into our air and literally giving us life? 

●      When it comes to diet as well, we tend to gravitate towards green, as we believe natural food is more healthy. Even those who don’t love to eat their greens are aware of how they’re better for their health! 

●      Studies have shown that being surrounded by green can have a positive impact on our mental health as it reminds of us being close to nature. In fact, living in proximity to greenery has been linked to lower rates of anxiety or depression.

●       The association of health with the colour green is why many pharmaceutical companies use it to promote their products. They use it to show that their products are safe and good for your health. 

●      Green also combines well with other popular colours, especially blue or brown. The combination of green and blue together can often reflect nature, as it represents plants and water. The combination of green and brown is usually used to represent organic or recycled materials. 

It improves mental health

●      Green is the colour of money ! Dark green is often used to represent ambition and wealth, which many naturally strive for throughout their lives. 

●      Not all shades of green have positive connotations. For instance, we can also associate dark green with greed, while yellow-green is associated with sickness.

There’s also the phrase ‘green with envy’ that associates this glorious colour with jealousy. 

Green is often associated with harmony, peace, and improved mental health. Many researches have shown that closer proximity we linked to parks and greenery to lower rates of depression and anxiety.

So while it may not be at the forefront of our attention, having plenty of green in the background of life is extremely important.

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  1. Significance of greenary is fabulously narrated in your blog. Inspiring. 🤗 Kudos.✌️👏👏👏💐

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  2. Love the blog
    Love the drawing
    Love the video- walking on the glass
    Love what you’ve written.
    Also sir, consider doing a podcast

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    Depth of friendship does not depend
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