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Today I would like to share the moments with my Portrait photography. I had a curiosity about this subject as it creates an opportunity to expose our creativity and thought.

As I have an interest in photography, I am always looking for these skills to develop. Learning how to capture portrait photography is one of them.

I usually do simple Portrait photography by clicking our own personal and family life and keep it safe as memoirs. I am not good at photography but eager to learn the basics of good portrait photography.

I Love Portrait Photography

As we know that Portrait photography is all about people. And how to click them at their best is a definitely a challenge. No matter it is for business headshots or arranging a personal or a group image of family members.

When I came across the details of this photography portraits learning, I find there are a ton of little intricacies to it. From choosing the right gear and location, to posing the subject and adjusting their composition, there is a tremendous scope of learning.

It is not so easy to interact with the subject as well as have a complete knowledge of the equipment there in.

I would like to share everything about master portraiture as I learned about.

.Self-Portraits Photography

This is very common . Everyone Quick to use smartphone for their selfies that give the self-portrait a lousy reputation. When done well, self-portraits can be gorgeous images.

In fact, a selfie is a quick snapshot. Self-portraits need insight and planning.

Taking a wonderful photo of yourself is very difficult, beyond holding a smartphone out at arm’s length.  

We generally taking selfie when we are on journey . However, we can use a tripod to get rid of that selfie look and extended arms. In the selfie we are focusing and composing when we are in front of the camera instead of behind . That is the Beauty and also tricky.

Traditional Portrait Photography

As the name suggest a traditional portrait often depicts the subject looking straight at the camera. We pose classic portrait photography. It helps people look their best.

Usually, photographers shoot conventional portraits in the studio, with a traditional Portrait Photography.

The most traditional portrait composition is to crop the head and shoulders rather than a full-body portrait. However, that’s not always the case. The traditional portraits are formal portraits. They apply the same posing and studio setting  .

Street Portraits Photography

The Street photography is featuring people may not be  known to us because this photography doesn’t involve direction from the photographer. Street photographers often take candid portraits of the people they meet. There’s usually no setup.

The photographer gets inspiration from the position the person is taking. The light, the environment, and other factors create a spontaneous photoshoot. Qualities of Street photography can influence by other factors also.

Fine Art Portrait Photography

Fine art portraits can include anything looking artistic.. You often see artists use visual techniques to make their images pleasing. This type of photography is created for storytelling, or some concept.

Environmental Portrait Photography

  This type of portrait is a mix of traditional portrait photography and lifestyle portrait photography. In environmental portrait photography, the surroundings and the person both have importance. This photoshoot takes place in a specific location with a special meaning to the subject.

Glamour Portrait Photography

This is nothing but a beauty of portrait .  The beauty of the subject is in the focus of glamour photography. It often involves planning the wardrobe and using professional makeup artists.

 It’s designed to highlight a woman’s beauty, sometimes in lingerie or nude,  

Glamour photography often takes place in different locations, including outdoors .

Conceptual Portrait Photography

Conceptual portraits capture an idea or concept within a portrait image. 

 We often used it props, setting, or photo editing to achieve that concept.

Because conceptual photography encompasses an idea, there is a scope for  using Photoshop for manipulation and use of tricks. Photoshop stunts and post-processing are part of this concept.

Surreal Portraits Photography

Surrealism is an artistic style that feels dream-like. This style can apply to portrait photography as well.

You can’t photograph something that doesn’t exist. That’s why surreal portrait work often involves Photoshop. You can also create scenes with props, wardrobe, and other photo tricks.

A surreal portrait turns dreams into real photos. That’s tough to do. But the results are often stunning when done well.

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

This is simply the opposite of traditional portraits. Yes, it’s still a portrait of a person, but lifestyle portraits capture people often doing some ordinary thing. This works in an environment that is familiar to the subject instead of a studio.

 For example, you can take lifestyle portraits of a family at home. Lifestyle portraits aren’t posed in the traditional sense.

Couple, Family, and Group Portraits

A portrait isn’t always a single person. Photos of couples, families, and other groups together are still portraits.

Taking Pictures of more than one person is often harder than portraits of an individual. You have more people to pose and interact together within the photograph. Communication is the key. This may have similarity with lifestyle photography.

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