# Travel is my Therapy#

Work out your own salvation,
do not depend on others…


Dear friends,

As we are facing the corona for the last three years, the Depression rates are on the rise. Our physical and mental health have been badly affected. I am also running on the same boat. But I got an opportunity to visit Gangtok, Sikkim in the previous week.

I think for those who suffer from depression or other mental problems, there is definitely the best way out. Yes, travelling and visiting your favourite destination is the best way to get out of this type of problems.

day – 1

I was unlucky as the flight was not available for Bagdogra due to repairing and maintenance of the airport there. In spite of that, I with my family decided to go there by train. That was the best suited option for us.

To reach the Gangtok, we had to pass through NJP and Siliguri, that is the gateway to…

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  1. I agree with you. Salvation is a personal entity.

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  2. Belo passeio amigo 👏👏👏

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  3. Travel is the best therapy! 👌🏻❤Enjoy it! 😊

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