# Learn from failure #

The strongest people make time to help others,
even if they are struggling with their own problems.


While I was going through the newspaper, I read about the news of increasing unemployment in our country. This is due to corona pandemic and large number of workforces suffering from unemployment.

It is true that getting employment is not so easy these days.

Yes, We are living in competitive culture era.

In fact, we are witnessing two classes of people in our society.

One, who are committed to achieve success in the field of their choice and enjoy the success with happiness and positive mindset.

The others class who may not succeed in their field due to some reason and they are living with negative mindset.They have several excuses for their failure . They do not have conducive atmosphere or they are suffering from the adverse situations in life. They feel unhappiness always.

But in Bhagwat Gita, Sri Krishna says, “the cause of unhappiness and miseries is not the…

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  1. There was a man who became very successful. Over time, he lost all, but still had family and could work. He died, from what I understand, thinking he couldn’t take the loss. I always thought he should have appreciated the success, and where he no longer was financially rich, do what he could, perhaps giving advice to others. That way, he would be giving back.

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  2. Wow excellent inspirational message. 👌👍✌️👏👏👏🎉

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  3. When you learn from your failure you grow

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